Theresa Fu: “Avoid Starchy Foods at Night”

By on August 28, 2010
Theresa Fu: “Avoid Starchy Foods at Night”

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After Theresa Fu passed twenty-five, she noticed that her waist, hips and thighs were particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of fat. Theresa strived to eat nutritious and lean meals to reduce weight gain.

“For breakfast, I will eat boiled white chicken meat, oatmeal and sugar-free soy milk. For lunch, I will eat a more generous meal, but I try to avoid rice with sauces mixed in it. For dinner, I try to avoid starchy foods. I will only drink water or sugar-free soy milk. After 8:00 PM, I do not eat any more food and would rather exercise to strengthen my muscles.”

Jayne: Theresa doesn’t have very strict dieting rules, but she has a regular schedule which she follows. When the body is on a regular eating and sleeping schedule, the body knows what to expect and responds a lot better. Eating low starch foods at night also make sense, since the body does not need all those extra calories when we are typically least active in the evening hours.

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