Christian Louboutin’s Supre Fifre Over-the-Knee Corset Boots

By on November 19, 2010
Christian Louboutin’s Supre Fifre Over-the-Knee Corset Boots

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These sensational black over-the-knee Christian Louboutin Supre Fifre boots are sure to make a fashion statement! The black suede and shiny military-style buttons add elegance and sexiness to any outfit! The heels measure 4.5 inches high with a concealed platform. The under panel of the boots are red, a long-time trademark of Christian Louboutin shoes.

These Christian Louboutin Supre Fifre boots were from the designer’s 2009 collection and have been sold out at luxury online merchants! In a quick search, there are a dozen sites currently selling imitations of these thigh-high boots around $250 (USD). Worth the investment? Yes, if you love the style and do not care about whether they are original or not.

How to Wear:

A short flirty skirt, as Angelababy wore in the above photo, is your best bet. The over-the-knee length elongates the leg. Showing a little thigh skin adds to the sexy impact. You can also wear with black leggings for a slimming effect. However, do not wear in  Kate Tsui’s manner, in which she paired a summer floral dress with these boots. Black suede is distinctly a Fall/ Winter material, so do match accordingly!

The Leather Version

If you are against buying any imitation items, you can purchase the Christian Louboutin Ronfifi Corset Boots, which is a modified black leather version available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,695 (HKD).

Jayne: I am not sure whether Angelababy and Kate Tsui are wearing the original Christian Louboutin boots or not, since they have been sold out for some time. If not, their boots were definitely inspired by the designer.

I have been lusting after these button thigh-high boots ever since I saw Angelababy wear them at an event!!

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  • Readers' Comments (5)

    1. Bowie says:

      I don’t actually think these boots do anything to elongate the legs. Instead they make you look even shorter if you don’t have the legs for them. I’ve seen way too many short asian girls in thigh high boots and most of them looked ridiculous.

    2. Nana says:

      Hmmm…I love thigh high boots and I’m short. What would that look on me??? I wonder!!!! Indo have a pair of thigh highs with the red bottom as well. They were some cheap boots that I got but it was so many years before I heard of Louboutin’s. These boots are quite nice I’m not wow by it though.

      So Bowie, do you think that white girls or black, Spanish girls looks better in them???Maybe we all look ridiculous in them except for you. I never knew that you have to be tall to wear Certain boots. That’s just wrong!!! Bowie you’ll never get no pussies wig your attitude!!!!

    3. Lilly says:

      Oooh I really like these boots! Kate looks really pretty with them. I might buy these in the future…

    4. lama says:

      in my opinion, the Christian Louboutin Supre Fifre boots look so hot, but the shoes don’t look good on them.

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