Myolie, Charmaine & Tavia: Going Super Short!

By on October 29, 2010
Myolie, Charmaine & Tavia: Going Super Short!

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Short hair is taking center stage among TVB fadans! Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, and Tavia Yeung sport different lengths and interpretations. The latest short hairstyles are sexy, layered, and have plenty of volume and make a confident statement. Which one works best?

Myolie Wu’s Super Boy Cut

Modern and sexy, Myolie’s super boy cut is also a dream to style. When your life is running in the fast lane like Myolie’s, simplicity is the key! Styling is easy in the morning: you can literally roll out of bed, apply gel for texture and spritz super-hold hairspray to hold style all day.  This style works in the office, yet has enough edge for weekend play!

Charmaine’s Rounded Bob

With straight heavy bangs that frame the face, this style is an update on the classic bob. Combing the bangs forward, this style brings a doll-like quality to Charmaine’s features.

Due to the heavy frontal layers, there may be an awkward transition when hair grows long though. A monthly trim might be required to keep those bangs in good shape!

If you like Charmaine’s style, make sure to get highlights at the crown to add more dimension and lighten the weight of those bangs!

Tavia Yeung’s Textured Pixie

This adventurous pixie is modern and edgy and will bring instant attention to the face! The short, layered cut shows off Tavia’s high cheekbones and lengthens her neck.

Apply strong holding gel and scrunch strands of hair at the crown for a casual look. Or blow it out and finish with hairspray to add instant shine for a more elegant look.

The textured pixie is a great wash-and-go style! A versatile style, you can go rocker punk such as Pink or Denise Ho, or elegant and ultra-feminine such as Halle Berry and Tavia Yeung.

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  • Readers' Comments (11)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Hair I must admit are good. Asians are good with hair so no complaints. Myolie looks great with short hair. Tavia too. Even Charmaine even if it is mushroom head due to her role. Contrary to popular belief, short hair actually has more styling options. All inevitably leads to stylish hair.

    2. advo says:

      Sorry, but Tavia can’t carry the short hair. Charmaine’s mushroom is also awful, but the short hairstyle she had when she was filming HAE was pretty good. She looked edgy.

    3. Nana says:

      I agrees that Tavia can’t carry the short her as well but her short hair cut looks the best
      bout of them three. Charmaine’s hair is just SAD!!! She doesn’t look youthful instead she looks like a retard!!!! Myolie always have that hairstyle. I want to see Linda chop off her hair. Same with Kate, Fala and those other femMe celebrities. Linda seems like she’s not willing to cut her hair instead wears a wig.

    4. advo says:

      @ Nana, that’s probably because she cut it that style for her character in a new show where she plays woman with a 10 years old girl’s mind.

    5. Star says:

      I think short hair really suits Myolie. Myolie doesn’t look that good with long hair, it makes her face look fat.
      I always thought Tavia with short hair makes her look pretty sexy… Charmaine with short hair looks nice too, but not that mushroom cut. Overall, I think myolie looks best in any short hairstyle.

    6. Star says:

      @Nana; In one of her interviews when she was asked if she would cut her hair short. She actually said she wants to try it, but in a few years because she said that if she cut it now it will make her look older than she really is and it would change her image(something like that.

      Kate tsui, had short hair before.. in “on the first beat”. It looked terrible though, but her face changed over the years.. she looks a lot better now. Maybe it’s because she lost her baby fat on her face? I don’t know about fala though…

      I think linda will look really hot with short hair.

    7. Ann says:

      Tavia looks best with short hair.. I prefer to see Charmaine with long hair, short doesn’t suit her well. Doesn’t look like a mushroom??

    8. toni says:

      Myolie’s hair cut on the leftside looks to short, really do like that side as if was over trimed,lol

    9. toni says:

      Tavia looks as if she has aged so, she don’t seem to have a natural look, did she have i don’t remember

    10. kenny says:

      so far as i am concern all the female celebity carry short hair also have a sexy looks and pretty but did they recorder during the hair cut, I’m very interested to watch that and their feeling during the cut

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