Fall 2010 Hair Trends: Girlish Bangs

By on August 29, 2010
Fall 2010 Hair Trends: Girlish Bangs

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Full, straight bangs are all the rage now, especially if paired with longer hairstyles. Bangs can instantly change the look of your face, adding a touch of youthful, girlish charm to your style. Bangs are very versatile this season. You can pair them with textured waves, micro curls, long straight hair, and best yet, pulled away from your face in a ponytail!

Ada Choi- Sophisticated Woman

Ada Choi’s bangs are lightly layered and cut right below her eyebrows. The bangs shorten the length of her face and soften her narrow, pointy chin, adding balance to the lower half of her face. By pulling her hair into a loose bun, the bangs draw attention to her face.

Bernice Liu – Bad Bangs

Bernice Liu has a very prominent square jaw line, which does not look good with heavy bangs. The bangs emphasize the lower portion of her face, broaden the width of her face and make her square jaw line more prominent. Bernice is better off growing those bangs out and sweeping them off her face.

Theresa Fu and Stephy Tang- Girlish Charm

Former Cookies members, Theresa Fu and Stephy Tang have retained their girlish charm thanks in-part to their great hairstyles.  The bangs camouflage the women’s somewhat wide foreheads and add fullness to their cheeks, heightening their youthful features. Stephy wears her hair straight and loose, while Theresa’s hair has a nice full body wave. For Theresa’s look, blow-dry the bangs with a curled brush and spray lightly with hairspray to add volume.

Charlene Choi and Joey Yung: Trendy Bangs

EEG superstars, Charlene Choi and Joey Yung, prefer their bangs short and their hair long. The bangs balance Charlene’s long, thick hair and bring attention to her face.   Both women have small faces and carry the bangs well.

Bangs and Face Shape

You should consider the shape of your face when deciding to get bangs or not. The bangs change the proportion of your face and will accentuate certain facial features more. Women with oval face shapes are lucky as they can wear just about any hair style. Women with round face shapes can wear softly layered and feathered bangs such as Charlene Choi. Avoid overly heavy bangs which will emphasize the full cheeks more. Bangs work well for women with long face shapes, creating the appearance of a more oval shaped face. For women with square face shapes, such as Bernice Liu, it is best to avoid short, full bangs and wear the longer, tapered bangs to soften pronounced square facial lines.  Heart face shapes, such as Ada Choi, look great with bangs which balance the prominent chin.  A side swept feathered or texturized bang style can also be another great option.

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  • Readers' Comments (2)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      I have no problem with the hair even if they’re Japanese trendiest looks or Koreans trendiest curls or full of extensions and what nots. They all look great. My objection is with the person sporting the hair. Either the pictures are intentionally bad or they all look skinny or puffy. Joey Yung should stop messing with her face; she looks scary now! Those bangs and all are suitable for young girls, whilst the updo with bang looks great for any age. But you will only look good with bangs if you have a high forehead I think. Normal ones just look draped over, like too much at the front.

    2. Antonio says:

      horrorable pictures, how old fashion are fringe cut hair, is it suppose to make them look younger or cute, not many look good with fringe like fan bing bing does,!?

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