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    1. Cilla Lok’s Cute Side Braid and Layered Dress
  • kari: UserId: 8becfe6d60
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  • 2. Angelababy and Carina Lau in Lanvin for H&M
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  • 3. Suki Chui in Karen Millen Corset Dress
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  • 4. Carina Lau and Bosco Wong at Muse Opening
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  • 5. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • yiluyingxiao: UserId: 24aae75421
    乙未年(羊)冬月十九 2015-12-29

  • 6. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 7. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 8. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 9. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • Perfexto: UserId: 5e56b12f45
    Raymond Lam does look stunning!

  • 10. 2010 TVB Sales Presentation
  • Perfexto: UserId: 5e56b12f45

  • 11. 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony
  • Perfexto: UserId: 5e56b12f45
    I meant Fala

  • 12. 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony
  • Perfexto: UserId: 5e56b12f45
    I mwant Fala

  • 13. 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony
  • Perfexto: UserId: 5e56b12f45
    Falafel Chen best dressed! ALWAYS!

  • 14. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Perfexto: UserId: 5e56b12f45
    Best dressed Fala Chen!!!!!!!

  • 15. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 16. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 17. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 18. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 19. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
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  • 20. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • jkfan: UserId: 34cae4c643
    @Nicole – Comparing this site to CNN and NYT? Really? This site is nowhere near CNN nor NYT, nor do I think this site has the money to hire staff that went to college for journalism. This is a gossip blog/”News” that is for fun. Most of the writers you mentioned, I have had some issues on, but perhaps it is because we are from different countries and they are translating a Chinese written article most of the time which is another hard thing to do. I don’t take the writing too seriously on this site since well, I don’t expect it to be of CNN or NYT caliber on writing.

  • 21. Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama
  • mi: UserId: fe74568b01
    Niki!! <3<3<3

  • 22. Fan Bingbing’s Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag
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  • 23. Anita Yuen in Ruffled Tulle Skirt
  • Jasemin: UserId: bc7876f1fa
    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knogledwe.

  • 24. Myolie, Charmaine & Tavia: Going Super Short!
  • leon: UserId: 6a105ab0f2
    I like the side n back clippered higher

  • 25. Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010
  • UserId: 787f2fed7f
    I see, I suppose that would have to be the case.

  • 26. Fan Bingbing’s Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag
  • Vivi: UserId: 09f3aa4745
    Too pale..

  • 27. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • Vivi: UserId: 09f3aa4745
    All the actress dress alike, same long wedding grown dresses and puff up hair do. ..I expect to have more character in their dressing!

  • 28. Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010
  • Bruna: UserId: f8781f86f9
    Hey, Wendy!!I couldn’t help but laugh as I read along the post … I rembmeer you taught some Hokkien words at the meet-up! I totally misunderstood them, just like what happened to you initially … Man, Hokkien sounds SO, SO different from Cantonese! Haha! Even with my Teochew mom, me a Cantonese still can understand it a little bit … If I really end up living with a Hokkien man for my whole life, I’m so gonna teach him Cantonese and vice versa … It’s fun what … Actually, I think Mike speaks REALLY good Canto … Seriously!Mmmm … I want your dumplings lar … They look so well-made!!! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!! 端午節快樂!!! Eat more dumplings arr … I’m so gonna stuff myself with 粽 till round round and fat fat … Hahaha!!

  • 29. Sharon Chan’s Acid-Washed Jeans
  • Kiana: UserId: 9b43f9e5ab
    Holy cosicne data batman. Lol!

  • 30. Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama
  • MoLa: UserId: 9c80b3110f
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  • 31. 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Bubby: UserId: cfce943cc4
    Great thgknini! That really breaks the mold!

  • 32. 2010 Asia Pacific Film Festival
  • ABDULAZIZ: UserId: ecce2ba208

  • 33. Joey Yung, Maggie Cheung and Huang Xiaoming in Burberry
  • msxie: UserId: 61d827f189
    There are also some Korean actresses who could learn from HK celebs.

  • 34. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • HughTfall: UserId: 30ba6488ff
    Can anyone tell me who is the paparazzi of the presented images? Others are quite
    appreciable. However, I guess most of them
    are produced by an amateur photographer.

  • 35. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • sure-lee: UserId: 8189f0e36d
    Imo, Best Dressed goes to Tavia and Nancy! They both looked so stunning that night :) Sharlin, I agree with most of your points in the article.

    The 2012 awards ceremony is definitely my favorite one so far. I am happy for all the winners, and I find them all to be truly deserving of the awards.

  • 36. Andy Lau, Zhang Jingchu, and Chiling Lin Promote “Switch”
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  • 37. 2012 Golden Horse Awards
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  • 38. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • MamyPoko: UserId: 760d5f1bf6
    some of the actresses wore the gown like they are attending masquerade party in the high end hotel >.<

  • 39. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea
    Sharlin is Singaporean, not malaysian.
    From my understanding, singaporeans are taught in english through out their school years. Malaysians are taught in Malay as a language of medium, or Chinese/Tamil in Chinese/Tamil schools. go google it up.
    What that means-
    In singapore they learn everything in English, except mother tongues
    In malaysia, they learn everything in malay, except english.
    Just because uni grads in Malaysia are bad in English, doesn’t affect sharlin.

  • 40. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Yen: UserId: 4f38e77aea
    Can’t help but comment on this issue!
    Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with this article, it seems enjoyable to read it!
    Given that Sharlin is merely the age of 16, I can say she writes good ^^v
    And given the standard of our education system, even an UNIVERSITY GRADUATE sucks at their english!
    So, yeah DEFINATELY can say, different countries do AFFECT someone’s English standard!

  • 41. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Lily: UserId: 949cf13c59
    Great article. There is no need to make offensive comments here. I fully appreciate being able to hear about some of the latest entertainment news in Asia, especially since I live across the globe!

  • 42. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Pop: UserId: 7864d46202
    U guys r right but don’t need to be so harsh on her.

  • 43. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Iris: UserId: 751d749e24
    Nicole, I agree with your concerns. I was very bothered by the grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes also. I am itching so badly to volunteer as a translator/editor for the site now.

    Sharlin, you are still very young. Don’t take this personally. Improve your English and keep writing. But always remember that what people read from you is what they think of you. Don’t make excuses for yourself but aim for high quality.

    Jayne, thank you so much for making this website. I’ve been a frequent visitor for more than 5 years already. Maybe we can extend the editing staff a little more? We don’t need Chinese readers to edit the reviews/articles =)

  • 44. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Iris: UserId: 751d749e24
    I totally agree! As much as I love Linda, her dress deserved to be in the worst-dressed list. Katy Kung’s dress was way too childish; the baby pink shades didn’t help. I liked Cilla’s dress much better.

    Yes, Tavia definitely over-blings. She does so almost every year. Though I’m not a fan of the color, Mandy Wong’s dress did impress me. As for Myolie…very different, but not quite the worst.

  • 45. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Pop: UserId: 7864d46202
    It is not for her to choose whether she wants to wear the accessories I think it should be the company who sponsor her.

  • 46. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • jce: UserId: 79256bd8a0
    Eliza’s look was classic, no “wow” factor, just safe. Twenty years down the road and it’ll still be elegant and pleasing to the eye. Also liked Nancy’s gown. Again very elegant. Didn’t think Kate’s gown did her justice. Niki’s gown colour made her skin look pale rather than glowing. Red looks good on Aimee but didn’t like the design of the gown. The colour of Mandy’s gown didn’t suit her skin tone either. Elena’s gown had a nice colour but perhaps too simple for such a grand occasion? And I agree, the worse ones had to be Liza and Myolie. Myolie’s hair is already very “manly” and she came dressed in something that looked like a suit. Liza didn’t exude her status of “ah jie” in the dress (it is not even a gown!)

  • 47. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Madd: UserId: 0a663fc1a2
    Are you going to have those fun articles where you make fun of the outfits again? I missed those!

  • 48. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea
    @ niki
    I agree some blog writers on NYT are quite crappy, but people point them out in the comments anyway. No one is gonna baby them like pandamao does. That’s what I’m saying, if it’s crap it’s crap, regardless of whether it’s free or professional or charity case situation.

  • 49. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • pandamao: UserId: 3520045790
    Let’s step away from the apples to orange comparison. CNN hires professional graduates with a proven track record. The writers get paid to provide stellar material. Jaynestars/styles do not operate in the same way.

    Jayne has surpass my expectation as a start off self-operated website. As always, there will be areas of improvements.

    People who can actually translate Chinese articles are usually ESL students. I already admire their efforts in helping out the site.

    Nicole – your point has been proven! Congrats. Now let’s just look forward to the upcoming exciting articles.

  • 50. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Niki: UserId: 2ce9cb10d1
    Actually, NYT is a piece of crap.

  • 51. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea

    Please don’t give me that “it’s free” and thus no expectations crap. Many sites online are free. Do you see CNN or NYT providing us with bad writing just because it’s FREE! It’s free, so deal with our bad grammar and what not. Sites need the audience, and they can only get more audience through good writing.

    Let me ask you, if I have expectations of Jayne, does it mean my opinion of her is high or low? If her articles on Jaynestars aren’t well written, can I make the distinction between the two? The better you are, the more expectations people place on you. Like if you are a straight-A student in school, and you suddenly get a D, more people will express disbelief? Or are you are C student, and you suddenly get a B, and people will need to praise you for that improvement? To me, Jayne is akin to a straight-A student in providing Asian entertainment news, and that’s the highest praise of all. Maybe you think of her as a C student, so there’s no expectations on her at all.

  • 52. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • pandamao: UserId: 3520045790
    Nicole –

    I believe your expectations are rather high on a website that operates merely on advertisement cost. Since you have not paid for any kind of service, perhaps the expectations on JayneStars/JayneStyles should be rather minimal.

    I’m sure your constructive criticisms were well appreciated by Jayne and actions will be taken on future articles posted by volunteered writers.

    My two cents with you concludes with, “Please be encouraging. This site was possible because it started with Jayne’s vision of encouraging gossip news in the Asian community for non-Chinese readers. Be supportive for having a website that is encouraging, educating and entertaining.”

    To Jayne – I appreciate your hard work. No one is perfect. I know you will only improve! :)

  • 53. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • I love Zachary: UserId: 4686750ad8
    The author spent time writing this article for our entertainment when she didn’t need to. If you’re so unhappy about her grammatical errors why don’t you go somewhere else to find entertainment news. Like you, I’m just a passerby who comes to this site once in awhile to get updates on the entertainment industry I can care less about any errors as long as it’s understandable and doesntlooklikethis. Cut the girl some slack. You don’t have to respond to my comment since I wont bother reading anyways.

  • 54. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • BLing: UserId: bc94926427
    Yes, that would be great (:

  • 55. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • lise: UserId: a9f6090958
    Nicole has already given you many examples of what she thinks is wrong. She isn’t trying to insult anyone and she spent so much time trying to point out what is wrong. You keep ignoring her instead of fixing the most obvious errors.

  • 56. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea
    so i shoulD expect your next articl on jaynestyle Post in like this manner…. like real cool… can’t wait!!!!!!!

    yes that’s “like conversationL style…!!

  • 57. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea

    Am I supposed to call out on the editing without pointing out the mistakes that still exist despite the “editing”? If you call that blasting Sharlin, then sure, be my guest.

    You emphasized on how Sharlin wrote on goodwill. If one does something on goodwill, does it mean it shouldn’t be of acceptable quality? So if someone donates dirty clothes and moldy blankets to charity shops, you won’t expect them to be thrown out?

    Despite you getting my point, the mistakes in the article, that can be easily fixed without affecting style, are not changed?

  • 58. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • lise: UserId: a9f6090958
    I know the author’s style. She shows her feelings in the article, which is why I understand why she might use capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Spelling can confuse people if words look like other words.

  • 59. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • lise: UserId: a9f6090958
    *Not saying it’s Sharlin’s fault.

  • 60. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • lise: UserId: a9f6090958
    Nicole’s comments were directed at you, Jayne. I only agree with her because you replied first saying you edited the article already. If you edited the article before, I can only imagine how much worse it was previously. There are obvious errors at the beginning of the article. If you are going to edit, why not edit thoroughly?

  • 61. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Jayne: UserId: 742895ce56
    I don’t think it is necessary to blast Sharlin as she is our guest writer who voluntarily wrote this article out of goodwill. You already made your points in your first comment, which I already responded to.

    I accept responsibility for the published article as is and the conversational tone of the fashion review as written. As already pointed out, there are different standards for JayneStars entertainment news and reviews, which are written for more formal coverage of an entertainment topic, versus fashion reviews, so there is no need for further comparison.

    I understand your point, which is already taken the first time.

  • 62. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    hi! thanks , i focused more on the ladies . if you like , i will do one on the males next time..

  • 63. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • BLing: UserId: 5bb802e667
    Nice article on the outfits of the anniversary awards… but what about the males that attended?

  • 64. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Ok, I’m sorry Nicole. But that wasn’t what I meant at all. I will improve on my English …

  • 65. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea

    If I was trying to address Sharlin, I agree with you that a different approach should be used, but my comments were directed to Jayne. My first question was asked in regards to the editing, because I agree it is the editor’s responsibility when she accepted and published the article. There were glaring errors (as mentioned above + others) that could have been eliminated with a quick read, yet she brushed them off as the author’s voice. This led to my follow-up comment, because readers can differentiate between “voice” and bad writing.

    However, Sharlin took offence, and instead of holding herself responsible, found her writing excusable based on her nationality and age. If I accept her excuses, that conveys disrespect towards Singaporeans and teens.

  • 66. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • lise: UserId: a9f6090958
    Sharlin is a writer, but it is the editor’s job to proofread the article and edit it before it is published. Give her some advice and constructive criticism. For her first article, I don’t mind the punctuation, but I do mind the spelling and grammar. I hope to see improvement if she tries to write another.

  • 67. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Thanks Niki for your wonderful comment.. Happy new year!!:)

  • 68. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Hey, Nicole , I under the age of 16. I’m currently in a secondary school. What do you expect from my English. And if you are that good write it yourself rather then making harsh comments on people’s reviews

  • 69. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Niki: UserId: 6d0b9aa69d

    Very honest article and don’t let this be a set back, you’ll improve. I’m sure you’ve satisfied a handful of readers. I mean, we can’t please everyone in life right? It’s life. We take criticisms and then we learn, and we continue to improve. Good luck in your future writings(: Cheers for the New Year, a bit late, but cheers :)

  • 70. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea
    Please do not use your nationality as an excuse for bad English. Are you saying that people in Singapore can’t write or speak good English? Very insulting indeed.

    Regardless of whether you are from Singapore, Malaysia, China, UK or Canada, if you want to post an article on a news site, then you have to expect comment and critcism. If you don’t want people making comments, then write it on a personal blog.

  • 71. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Love Selena Li: UserId: f9cafa1c75
    I love this article. i don’t think it was that bad nicole.

  • 72. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Hi nicole,if you want to u can write a review too! please don’t judge people like that , i’m a singaporean not british. Spare me bluntness

  • 73. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea

    If you actually edited the article, it’s far from your usual standard. While skimming articles on Jaynestars, one can nary find an error. However, there’s way more in this article. Writing style is no excuse for bad grammar, punctuation or spelling.

    Since you excuse her bad grammar and lack of punctuation as “writing style”, there are still errors that are easily spotted and fixed without affecting style:

    For example, I didn’t know we are talking about Kate’s shin.

    Random capitalization not used for effect or emphasis, like “But wait She surprises us with a backless back!”.

    News articles tend to be formal, but reviews posted on Jaynestars are usually informal. Reviewers like Funn and Bridget have their own style, but you don’t see them imposing bad grammar on everyone, and calling that “style”.

  • 74. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Yea! Exactly!

  • 75. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • CHo: UserId: b1d7f2f33a
    I thought that Moses and Aimee were trying to be the hk brangelina…it was kinda cute!
    As for tavia, I like how her dress shared commonality as her on-screen partner Kenneth Ma, that is why I think she deservered best dressed! :p
    I didn’t like Nancy’s hari-do at all, I thought that it wasn’t special enought, it was “the typical” award ceremony due for Nancy…
    After hearing Fala Chen’s interview, she said that it was a vintage dress, I think that was very elegant and suits her hairstyle alot!
    Most importantly, I disliked Katy, Linda and Cilia dress…they just looked OFF!

    I think that Linda should have worn something more elegant, fancy and more “linda!” Agreed?

  • 76. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Jayne: UserId: 742895ce56
    I did edit our guest writer, Sharlin’s article and retained the majority of the narrative structure to preserve the writer’s authentic voice.

    The fashion commentaries at JayneStyle are written in a more personable and informal manner, which is different than our JayneStars news articles.

  • 77. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • TVBFanatic: UserId: 34f652e14f
    Tavia really surprised me, and I thought she looked stunning in that dress. Her hair was perfect.

    I really was not a fan of Nancy’s dress… and felt the pattern on Christine’s did more to hide her figured.

    Linda’s dress was interesting, although I would have liked to have seen more of an open back on it a la Nancy’s dress. If Linda wants to “sexy up” her image, that would have done it :)

    I, unfortunately, did not like Myolie’s dress at all. Made her look very manly. When I look at her in the above photo it looks like she has half a man’s suit on… reminded me of Batman villian “Two Face.”

  • 78. Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama
  • TVfrens: UserId: a05fc54ad6
    niki’s boobs looks normal only

  • 79. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Hi Nicole… Noted . I will change my grammar spellings, thanks so much for your precious time to comment . This was my first time writing, I’m sorry if I offended u with my poor English… I will change thanks

  • 80. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea
    Standard of*

    Seriously, I skimmed through the article, and most sentences need to be tweaked.

  • 81. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Nicole: UserId: 883a4528ea
    I rarely comment on the standard on English in the articles on Jaynestars, because most writers like Funn, Addy and yourself write well.

    However, I can’t help but to comment here. Did anyone actually edited this article? Has the writer received proper education in the English language?

    What’s up with all the “…” being used? Jewellery or Jewelry is correct, not “Jewelery”. This does not sound like an article at all. More like someone’s “net talk”. The grammar, spelling and punctuation used is unacceptable, and I’m appalled this is posted verbatim. I’m sure you treat Jaynestars as a legitimate news site? I can’t help but say it drags down the quality of your site.

    Get a new writer or editor. Asap.

  • 82. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Sharlin: UserId: ce895aa936
    Thanks for comments… i thought that myolie’s dress was abit weird and tavia looks quite ok! thanks

  • 83. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Lucia: UserId: d2620f0207
    I like Tavia, Fala, Eliza, and Nancy’s dress.

    For male actors: I like Kevin and Kenneth’s suit.

  • 84. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Vicki: UserId: 35edc702c3
    I don’t agree that Tavia was the best dressed. Her dress was too matronly and her hairdo looked old for her. I noticed she likes to over accessorized. Since her gown has a shine to it already she added a shinier statement necklace and more blings. I prefer her dress last year though even though she wore too much shiny jewelry. I never saw Tavia in a modern sleek dress. Or in a daring outfit. I thought Myolie dress choice was better at least she is trying something different.

    I think Nancy was the best dressed! Her dress fitted her perfectly and she didn’t over accessorized. It’s so pretty and sophisicated! I love the backless part so much!
    I also thought Eliza and Nicki dresses were unique and pretty.
    Linda’s dress was almost in the worse dressed list but her backless detail was barely saving her.
    Yea the worse dressed would probably be Michelle yim

  • 85. 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards
  • Suki: UserId: 53b99c3510
    I though Myolie wore the best dress that night. Very vogue like. Tavia’s gown would have suited somebody older

  • 86. Carina Lau and Bosco Wong at Muse Opening
  • Karbunda: UserId: 6369018204
    A guy in a skirt never works for me unless you are Scottish! And pants underneath!!! But Its a free country. Bosco is just trying to entertain us.

  • 87. Fan Bingbing’s Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag
  • Dana: UserId: c8971d6a8d
    Howdy would you mind sharing which blog pltaform you’re working with? I’m looking to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S Apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  • 88. Carina Lau and Bosco Wong at Muse Opening
  • Jennifer: UserId: bed8574359
    Found my way here via Greg Laden’s google+ . I had that lubhcnox. I loved that lubhcnox. Seeing it brought up memories of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and practicing light saber techniques with my younger brother. Man, I loved that lubhcnox.I also have a worn out copy of The Rainbow Goblins, one of my most cherished possessions. The cover is falling off, the frontispiece has separated from the rest of the pages, but I still read it but now I get to share it with my 7 year old son.So I just wanted to say thank you for this lovely trip down memory lane, and that I’m a bit jealous you still have that lubhcnox

  • 89. Anita Yuen in Ruffled Tulle Skirt
  • Ilunuye: UserId: f278927e81
    I know, right? I just pointed out the tulle biknii in the catalog last night to my (somewhat uninterested) husband. How can it be so pretty and so sexy and so saucy all at the same time?

  • 90. Myolie Wu in “I Love Crap” Shirt by Vivienne Westwood
  • Djojs: UserId: 357a20e8c5
    Loud shirts are tacky!!

  • 91. Stay Cool in Blue: BCBG Max Azria 2012 Summer Collection
  • Funn Lim: UserId: 8828c13cfc
    I really like The BCBG Timoa Ombre Evening Gown. Colour tone looks amazing. Can be a mini skirt as well.

  • 92. Fan Bingbing’s Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag
  • Djojs: UserId: 357a20e8c5
    Sadako from the Ring…

    but she still looks gorgeous.

  • 93. Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama
  • Djojs: UserId: 357a20e8c5
    Like Niki.. but her legs don’t look straight.

  • 94. Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama
  • Djojs: UserId: 357a20e8c5
    LOL… bitter.

  • 95. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • TVBFanatic: UserId: 34f652e14f
    Oh.. and I really did not like Natalie’s sheer pink dress. The sheer nature of the bottom half was distracting and pulled the eyes away.

  • 96. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • TVBFanatic: UserId: 34f652e14f
    I didn’t mind Linda’s dress per se… but her hair and makeup need a redo. I don’t think it matched the dress at all.

  • 97. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • TVBFanatic: UserId: 34f652e14f
    For me, JJ’s dress wins the night.

    Worst dress of the night? Aimee… to me it was more of a cocktail dress than an awards show dress. She had to shove her hands into her nether regions when sitting just to keep her dignity.

  • 98. Joey Yung, Maggie Cheung and Huang Xiaoming in Burberry
  • Funn Lim: UserId: 8828c13cfc
    The koreans definitely know how to dress and looking every inch the celebrity. HK stars have much to learn.

    HXM – too shiny

  • 99. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • Funn Lim: UserId: 8828c13cfc
    Linda Chung – Fail! She needs a professional fashion consultant, pronto!

    The rest, no comment.

  • 100. 2012 TVB Anniversary Gala
  • Nikki: UserId: 48a105c716
    It is…in a very Korean, ahjumma kind of way.


2012 TVB Anniversary Awards thumbnail

2012 TVB Anniversary Awards

The 45th TVB Anniversary Awards was a star-studded fashion event with some eye-catching fashions.
2012 Golden Horse Awards thumbnail

2012 Golden Horse Awards

Chiling Lin, Angelababy, and Andy Lau shine at the 49th Golden Horse Awards. Who was the best dressed?
Joey Yung, Maggie Cheung and Huang Xiaoming in Burberry thumbnail

Joey Yung, Maggie Cheung and Huang Xiaoming in Burberry

Joey Yung, Maggie Cheung, and Huang Xiaoming model the latest Burberry collections and accessories at a flagship store opening.
Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama thumbnail

Niki Chow and Myolie Wu in Atsuro Tayama

Niki Chow, Myolie Wu, Christine Kuo, and Eliza Sam promote the Fall/Winter Collection for Atsuro Tamaya.
2012 TVB Anniversary Gala thumbnail

2012 TVB Anniversary Gala

TVB artists put on their finest gowns at the 45th Anniversary Gala celebrations.
Carina Lau and Bosco Wong at Muse Opening thumbnail

Carina Lau and Bosco Wong at Muse Opening

Carina Lau, Bosco Wong, and Kathy Chow at Muse nightclub opening in Shanghai.

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