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By on July 14, 2012
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New TVB romantic comedy, Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸缐>, has been filming over the last two months in Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong. The drama centers on a group of old high school friends’ and  and how their romantic fates cross years later.

Filming in the scorching summer heat, Aimee Chan and Selena Li’s wardrobes in Love Exceeds the Coastline consist of light summer dresses, shorts, and fun t-shirt tops. Aimee has been spotted wearing a beautiful pink and blue tie-dye dress. The halter-style dress is a great option for casual summer nights out and loose fitting enough to flatter all figures!

Selena Li wears a colorful dress, layered with a cap-sleeve long jacket paired with strappy white sandals. This is a great look for summer casual days at the office!

Aimee and Selena wear pretty summer t-shirts. Aimee and Selena layered their t-shirts over halter tops and bikinis, which is a great look that can be duplicated for street wear. Selena’s top is from DKNY Jeans, featuring floral graphics.

Selena wears a cool t-shirt from Crash & Burn, with a strappy tank top peeking out from one shoulder.

In Love Exceeds the Coastline, Cilla Lok wears numerous romper suits to heighten her youthful character. Although rompers were once a style worn mostly by children, this style is extremely comfortable to wear! Cilla’s petite figure looks extremely cute in this romper with retro blue and white polka dots and lace accents.

The men of Love Exceeds the Coastline, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, and Matt Yeung, also sport a laid-back summer style as well, bringing a youthful and vibrant look to the characters. Matt’s black shorts with bold pink floral design is fun to wear. Raymond’s character shockingly sports long, curly locks to match with his slacker role!

Aimee and Raymond portray a happy couple in Love Exceeds the Coastline. Here they are on their wedding day! Aimee’s sequined wedding dress is beautiful and paired with her crystal headband, works nicely.

However, Raymond’s suit does not match with Aimee’s dress that well. If Raymond lost his bow tie and straw hat, while pulling back his hair into a near ponytail, it would have matched with the summer wedding look much better! Wearing a white jacket would make the couple ready for a wedding on the beach!

This article is part of the “As Seen On TV” feature at JayneStyle.com, which will offer the first glimpse of exciting fashions founds in television dramas!

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  • Readers' Comments (15)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      My reaction from top to bottom, left to right for each line of individual;

      No, Yes, No, Yes, No, probably yes, no, no no, no, SUPER NO!

    2. pandamao says:

      Aimee has a bad sense of style. That first rainbow dress was disgusting

    3. Mad says:

      Are you guys going to do the fun commentary on fashion again? I think it was this website. You guys should do a panel of commentators to make funny commentary on their outfits.

    4. Norika says:

      Thumbs up for this Jayne, I love them!!
      I think Aimee’s dress is not easy to carry, but she looks so pretty there! Raymond’s is a joke! hoho

      so looking forward to a style article about Ruco? – with his Harvey Nochols stuff and eyewear!

      • Jayne says:

        Ruco tends to wear a lot of clothes from Harvey Nichols in his interviews, but is that what he is wearing for “Love Exceeds the Coastline”? I’ve seem photos of his in khakis and polo shirts which look pretty casual.

        Ruco has been endorsing eyewear brand, Alain Miklitarian, so I think that’s what he is wearing in all his series.

        I find the style that Ruco exhibits in “Love Exceeds the Coastline” to suit him very well. He would look great in J.Crew casual clothes. His personal style needs a bit of improvement, but he looks great in series with sponsored clothes.

        • Norika says:


          Not sure about where Ruco’s clothes are from but I believe it is from his own collection. In Coastline I think he portrays someone who is not as stylish tho.

          Ruco mentioned about thanking Harvey Nichols for being his fashion sponsor for the last two years, perhaps those yellow pants and shirts from his recent Big Boy Club interview was from HN.

          His eye wear was definitely from Alian Mikli last year, but wondering if he had continue with their contract? hope he now have more money to buy better clothing.

        • Jayne says:

          I think Ruco is still endorsing Alain Miklitarian. Ruco has been wearing eyeglasses almost on a daily basis since filming “The Other Truth,” in which his frames were sponsored by the brand at that time. However, Ruco did not have this preference to wear eyeglasses so frequently in the past, so I suspect he is still being endorsed by the same brand.

          The Harvey Nichols clothes he wears in interviews usually look nice, but his promotional event outfits still need work. I don’t think he looks that good in bright colors and loud patterns. He looks much better in muted colors and instead of busy patterns, he can opt for some textural interest, by mixing fabrics instead.

          Anyhow, Ruco can dress a lot younger through careful wardrobe collection.

        • Norika says:

          Hi Jayne,

          yea i also think Ruco looks good in plain colours, but he also looks hot with just a white T and grey jeans (3 kingdom promo). I love him at SKY100 (FH3 promo) with his unshaved look, so sexy!

          I thought his glasses in TOT were his own tho. Ruco said after the series aired, many people rang up Alain Mikli & enquire about it! so Alain decided to sign a 3 month contract with him. I personally found that the company have not fully utilize him tho.

    5. LeilaFan says:

      Celina have strange lips, look at her smile, weird looking lips

    6. Elie says:

      Raymond. No. Just…DEAREST GOD NO.

    7. elin says:

      oh gawd.. raymond looks the street musician near my town wth wht he is wearing

    8. TVBFanatic says:

      Selena looks amazing in photo #2 and omg Raymond.. you are NOT Johnny Depp. Cut your hair.

      • Jayne says:

        I like the casual summer style of “Love Exceeds the Coastline” very much. The women look great in their casual t-shirts and shorts, while the men look sporty in their shorts.

        Since they are filming in Cheung Chau, hope to see lots of outdoor coastal views, instead of the boring studio backdrop that dominates most series.

    9. Jayne says:

      Glad everyone enjoyed the style recap of “Love Exceeds the Coastline”! Will do more style sneak-peeks of fashions in TVB dramas for the future.

      Aside from the good looking faces, the clothes certainly are interesting to look at!

    10. Jackie_1 says:

      Raymond looks like Willy Wonka

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