Anita Yuen in Ruffled Tulle Skirt

By on November 29, 2010
Anita Yuen in Ruffled Tulle Skirt

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Ruffled tulle skirts are all the rage now! Anita Yuen did well in pairing this tulle skirt with a belted beige jacket. The shape of the jacket is nice and would have looked even better with a smaller collar and without the scalloped lace detail on the collar and pocket flaps. The constructed details of the jacket contrast nicely with the feminine skirt.

Due to the color, Anita’s dark brown boots were a little overpowering for this outfit though. Beige or light gray peep-toe ankle boots may have been a better choice.

Ruffled tulle skirts are ballerina pretty and add a romantic touch to any outfit. These ruffled tulle skirts look best in soft hues of vanilla, light pink, light gray, and black. This Fall season, you’ll spot everyone from little girls to women in their 30s wearing them!

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  • Readers' Comments (8)

    1. Tamborine says:

      Anita is still gorgeous but this outfit does her no favors making look frumpy and chunky around the waist section.

    2. Aly says:

      Jayne, in this article from another website, it shows Fala wearing the same outfit.

      Hope the link works. It’s from an article translated from

    3. Jayne says:

      Aly, I saw those photos with Fala in the same outfit too…. It turns out the outfit is from Dior. Can’t tell, as we were all bashing how the jacket didn’t look good. Now we have Fala modeling it, does everyone feel differently about the outfit?

      Thanks again for the photo link and thinking of JayneStyle! I’ll combine the pics and put it under “Who Wore It Best” when I get a chance.

    4. Jayne says:

      Anita wore Dior to a Dior event…kinda makes sense *grin*

    5. Aly says:

      No problem, Jayne! When I saw Fala in that outfit, I was shocked because I didn’t know it was actually a whole outfit. I actually thought it was just the jacket and Anita matched it with her own skirt. They are such different fabrics that it didn’t seem like they were a set that went together. Unless it was a coincidence that Anita and Fala both picked that skirt from Dior’s collection to match with it?

    6. advo says:

      I’m not a fan of Anita wearing it, but I thought it looked great on Fala. I didn’t even recognise that it was the same outfit when I read the Fala article. The problem is that the jacket doesn’t seem to to fit Anita well. Maybe the fit is off, or maybe she’s just not as slim as Fala is around the waist. Or maybe it’s just the angles of the pictures really. Fala’s picture is from the side, so it looks like her waist is smaller, whereas Anita’s is a full frontal picture.

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