Bernice Liu and Janice Man at Escada Fashion Week

By on July 20, 2012
Hong Kong S/S 2012 Fashion Week - Escada

HONG KONG - JULY 04: (CHINA OUT) Bernice Liao poses during Escada Fashion Week 2012 on July 4, 2012 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)  | read this item

Escada held its Spring/ Summer 2013 Fashion Week in Hong Kong on July 4th. Bernice Liu, Janice Man, Carrie Lam, and Gaile Lok were in attendance at the prominent event.

Bernice Liu shined in a leather zipper dress with silver accents at the waist. She carried an Escada baguette clutch in pastel calfskin. Bernice wore lace up leather plateau sandals, from Escada’s Spring/ Summer 2012 Collection. The sandals add a structured and textured look to the outfit, complementing the loose cut of her dress well.

Twenty-three-year-old Janice Man looked all grown up in a collarless fitted jacket, in snow-leopard print from the Escada Pre/Fall 2012 Collection. The jacket is well paired with pale grey cigarette pants. Janice’s bright red lipstick and pulled back hair added old Hollywood glamour to the look.

Due to their age, perhaps Bernice and Janice should have swapped outfits instead. Bernice would have carried the mature look of Janice’s fitted jacket ensemble better.

Carrie Lam appeared runway ready in an Escada gown with draped neckline and necklace halter detail from the Pre/Fall 2012 Collection. The raspberry color is lovely and Carrie’s height displayed the elegant drape of the dress well.

As bright as Carrie shone in her raspberry dress, another Hong Kong supermodel, Gaile Lok appeared in a blaze of emerald. Gaile’s blouse has an interesting layered front panel and sheer sleeves, however the flared pants made her feet disappear.

The monochromatic green outfit delivered too much color and would have looked better paired with a light gray skirt instead. Or wear it with a skinny gold belt to break up the top and pants, adding more definition to the waistline.

Image Source: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

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  • Readers' Comments (12)

    1. TVBFanatic says:

      The winner is this lineup is Carrie Lam – she looks so graceful in that dress. Elegent, beautiful, stunning are all words that come to mind.

      Gaile’s outfit is really baggy… made her look like she had no feet – lol. And Janice looks a bit too waif like.

      • Jayne says:

        The pants looked a little too loose on Gaile. The flare cut design doesn’t flatter as well…can’t even see her feet. But the blouse itself is very nice.

        Escada designs are quite elegant, but fits women age 30 and above more.

        However lovely Janice’s red lips were, she is too young to carry off that fitted snow leopard jacket. The fitted nature of the outfit would look better on a fuller figure such as Bernice’s.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          yes, I agree. I would like to have seen Bernice in that outfit.

          My eyes are still drawn to the dress worn by Carrie… what a fantastic colour.

        • Jayne says:

          Carrie wore that dress very well, but I can imagine it would be unforgiving on someone who is short with a heavier figure, especially the way how the fabric clings to the hips.

          The halter necklace does seem a bit choking though. The dress produces a nice hourglass effect, which is heightened by Carrie’s pose.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          I’ve never seen Carrie Lam before, so am unaware as to her height etc.. I did wonder about the necklace and it’s functionality at the top of the dress though… it does look like it would be uncomfortable. I visited the Escada website hoping to learn more about the dress, but sadly they don’t have the 2013 lineup posted yet.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          Wow… just looked it up.. she’s 5’8″ (178 cm).

        • Jayne says:

          The dress that Carrie Lam is wearing is from the Escada Pre Fall 2012 collection, although she attended a 2013 event.

          If you scroll through the Pre Fall 2012 collection, you will see a green dress which is exactly the same as Carrie Lam’s raspberry colored dress. There are no prices though and you would have to visit the store to actually purchase the item.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          Thank you! :)

    2. elin says:

      i thought bernice looks allrght..

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Like none of them. Looks old fashioned. And Bernice can do more with a more body hugging dress.

    4. Addy says:

      Wow, what happened to Gaile Lok’s face? She looks bloated. Has she recently gotten plastic surgery/botox or something?

    5. Alexa says:

      Only Gailok’s outfit works. All green is hard to do.

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