Carina Lau and Bosco Wong at Muse Opening

By on August 5, 2012
Muse Bar Opening Ceremony

SHANGHAI, CHINA - JULY 12: (CHINA OUT) Actress Carina Lau attends the Muse bar opening ceremony on July 12, 2012 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)  | read this item

The opening of Muse nightclub in Shanghai, China on July 12, 2012 was a star-studded event. As one of Muse’s owners, Carina Lau invited many of her good friends in the entertainment circle to attend the nightclub’s opening ceremony.

With a total of three nightclubs under its brand–including Muse, M2, Park97–Muse has become the foremost and most exciting nightclub destination in Shanghai. Muse features extravagantly designed VIP theme rooms that make homage to various venerable alcoholic brands such as Jack Daniels.

On opening night, Carina Lau wore a flirty dress with half-circle cut-outs. The lilac color was pretty, but the neckline was cut dangerously low.

Bosco Wong respected the occasion by wearing a skirt! Did Bosco get his seasons mixed up? He looked overly “hot” by bundling from head-to-toe with a leather jacket, long skirt, pants, and lace up boots! A pool of sweat was already building around his neck! With Bosco’s tabloid rumors claiming that he was a regular at nightclub destinations, his attire surely did not prove that he was an experienced clubber!

Hong Kong model, Kathy Chow, looked lovely in a aqua dress with pearlescent sheen. Kathy opted for peep-toe pumps that completed her refreshing look.

Model, Qin Shupei, shined in a buttery yellow draped dress. Her sandals with gladiator-inspired ankle cuffs added an intensity to her outfit, which would have looked more appropriate with a leather top.

Taiwanese actress, Alyssa Chia, opted for bold accessories to liven an otherwise boring black and white ensemble. Her earrings resembled a chemical molecule, while there appeared to be two horse tails swishing from the sides of her outrageous belt!

Look closely at the ladies’ wrists and you will notice that they are all wearing trendy Tendence watches in different colors!

Muse Images Source: China Foto Press via Getty Images

Tendence Watch Images Source:

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  • Readers' Comments (21)

    1. jolene says:

      bosco’s attire look ugly to me

    2. skinnymocha says:

      A skirt and a… clutch? Whatever next? Corsets and handbags? Poor guy looks haggard.

      I do like the colours on Carina though.

    3. TVBFanatic says:

      And once again, Bosco in a dress…. given that Myolie has been seen in pant suits recently, it’s quite comical.

      Kathy Chow is my winner in the above photos… simple and elegant.

      Not sure I like the draped look on Qin… and I really am not a fan of the horse-tail belt -.-

      have never heard of Tendence watches. My better half loves watches, maybe I’ll check them out :)

    4. lara says:

      No he looks much better in WI! Throw that skirt away Bosco and put on manly clothes like you did in WI. You were gorgeous and dashing in there but not like this!

    5. Funn Lim says:

      Carina knows how to dress herself, a pity about her face.. I mean she looks awful without makeup but credit to her makeup artiste, she looks tons better with such look. I like her dress, youthful, pretty. Bosco…might as well wear a paperbag, looks like one.

      Anyway love Carina’s watch

    6. ita says:

      carina: as always look elegant. Love her outfit with contrast nail polish.
      Bosco: er..poor fashion sense
      Kathy Chow: nothing special
      Qin Shu Pei: Shoes, dress and handbag all look disconnected.
      Alyssa: will look nicer and elegant without those two ma wei.

      • Jennifer says:

        Found my way here via Greg Laden’s google+ . I had that lubhcnox. I loved that lubhcnox. Seeing it brought up memories of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and practicing light saber techniques with my younger brother. Man, I loved that lubhcnox.I also have a worn out copy of The Rainbow Goblins, one of my most cherished possessions. The cover is falling off, the frontispiece has separated from the rest of the pages, but I still read it but now I get to share it with my 7 year old son.So I just wanted to say thank you for this lovely trip down memory lane, and that I’m a bit jealous you still have that lubhcnox

    7. P. Tan says:

      Yes, Carina does carry that chic and elegant look usually. She looks really class this time except for the watch, which, I think doesn’t match her lovely antique looking earrings(too contrasting). The others are quite ordinary outfits though the girls look good in them. Boscoe looks weird in his outfit.

    8. Norika says:

      Kathy Chow is pretty, I think the green shoes matched her dress really well. a bit of goldish yellow accessories looks nice.

    9. nilson says:

      Carina remains a beauty after all. But Bosco, does he know he looks so awful in his attire. Its not a fad anymore for males to wear skirts. Bosco could have better wear a denim pants instead. Bosco dont overdressed yourself, you end up looking like a faggot. There is no offence intended here. Its just a positive observation of his attire.

      • kristen says:

        Dear Nilson,
        Please kindly research the word “faggot,” learn about its extremely negative conotations regarding gender and sexual orientations, realize that your comment was–contrary to your belief–highly offensive and not the least bit positive, and fix/remove the appropriate words. Thank you.

        P.S. Actually, the man-skirt is very relevant this season; please check out Marc Jacobs’ most recent ventures…enjoy!

    10. denim says:

      Let me dress you up to be a leng zhai Bosco! This skirt is atrocious and your face is sweating! You’re a star you should’ve worn some light foundation for the camera flash! How can Carina love him like this and call him a woman’s killer.

    11. Alexa says:

      Kathy Chow… classic,great colour overall… the shoes could be better. The look reminds me of Hamptons charity event.

    12. Eros says:

      Bosco’s attire was awesome!

    13. Nikki says:

      Bosco’s attires always make me want to puke.

    14. Karbunda says:

      A guy in a skirt never works for me unless you are Scottish! And pants underneath!!! But Its a free country. Bosco is just trying to entertain us.

    15. 86Edwin says:

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