Carina Lau in Valentino Sheer Red Dress

By on April 9, 2011
Carina Lau in Valentino Sheer Red Dress

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Although in her forties, Carina Lau’s beauty and elegance is timeless. Nominated for her performance in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame in the 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards, Carina is one of the hot favorites to win the Best Actress Award this year!

Appearing at a recent Valentino fashion show, Carina wore a ruffled sheer red dress from the Valentino Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection. Although the dress is very pretty, perhaps the thin belt made Carina’s waist appear slightly thickened.

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  • Readers' Comments (11)

    1. pandamao says:

      it’s ok on carina. the dress is just not something i would wear.

      i guess high fashion doesn’t fit everyone.

      i would like to see yoyo in the dress. i think she’s got a flatter chest and can probably pull this off better

    2. P says:

      the dress looks like a night gown

    3. Danielle says:

      Love this dress. very pretty! i would love to own it.

    4. Fox says:

      The best one in the night. The color looks a bit old but fit her age.

    5. fashionforward says:

      i agree with P says. it does look like a night gown. Brand names doesn’t mean it looks good or even nice. i see girls in the streets carrying Longchamps bags and some LV bags. First Longchamps does not look expensive and the brown old fashion LV bags looks so old. what a waste of money. wish ppl would know how to shop wiser. this dress should be a lesson learn. Brand name is not everything !!! got it.

      • Jayne says:

        I agree with you about the Louis Vuitton bags. I don’t understand why everyone loves LV bags so much and don’t like the brown logo pattern either. There are also a lot of imitations found on the street, which cheapens the brand anyway.

      • impmuse says:

        Totally agree with both of you re: branded goods!

        One of my female friends who lives in HK tells me that many ladies with low salaries eat McDonalds for lunch in order to save money to buy luxury goods – something I’d never ever do for any brand!

        Carina (nor the model) doesn’t look good in the dress because the dress is awful in the first place – shapeless with unflattering neckline and middle split; the ruffles are boring; the colour very flat probably due to the matte finish of the sheer fabric. A very dowdy, uninspired creation from Valentino and a total waste of money.

    6. iampheng says:

      I actually love this dress! Though it would be a disaster on someone short and heavy like myself, I can totally see a statuesque beauty wearing it well.

      Perhaps, it needs more shape in the waistline but Carina doesn’t really seem to have that particular asset to her figure anyhow…

      I happen to think that really LONG SPLIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DRESS is not dowdy at all…did ya’ll just miss that length of leg Carina’s flashing…not just boob is sexy, but legs are sexy too.

    7. POPCORN says:

      most of the stuff in Valentino fashion show are ugly….(my opinion. )

    8. P.Tan says:

      This red ensemble looks good on Carina and I think she carries it off well. A slightly slimmer frame would be just gorgeous for it.

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