Charmaine Sheh in Valentino Lace Ensemble

By on April 9, 2011
Charmaine Sheh in Valentino Lace Ensemble

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Charmaine Sheh will be reaching for new career opportunities this year, starring in a high profile mainland television adaptation of If You Are the One and an upcoming Patrick Kong film co-starring Alex Fong. The public was kept guessing for months as to whether Hong Kong’s favorite television actress will renew her TVB management contract. It was finally revealed that Charmaine signed a per-series contract with TVB and will be shooting primarily mainland dramas and film projects.

Appearing at a Valentino fashion show on April 7th, Charmaine wore a long-sleeved white top and textured black skirt from the Valentino 2011 Spring Ready-to-Wear collection. The skirt was young and flirty and matched with Charmaine’s new trademark short hairstyle.

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      The hair, NO! The top, MAYBE. The skirt, so AUNTY! The shows, NO NO NO!

      Charmaine’s biggest flaw is either she has a stylist who hates her or she is the worst stylist herself.

    2. pandamao says:

      it doesn’t look right on her. her hairstyle is too manly for such a feminine dress. it might look better with a hair pull back look, more sleek. the proportions are off also. she’s too short for such a dress.

      the shoes are God awful. as if she doesn’t have enough lacing details, she had to add some bows on her shoes. ekk.

    3. P says:

      This dress fits more for Lisa Wang or Lee Sze Ki

    4. blqckjack says:

      the shoes just kill it.

    5. P. Tan says:

      Rather disappointing for a Versace outfit. Looks like one of those one could buy off the peg anywhere.

    6. Fox says:

      Uhmm… the dress gives me a “cheap” feeling.

    7. Star says:

      Uhm, the hair is horrific hair. The dress makes the whole style worse. What has Charmaine been wearing these days? It’s hideous. I wonder if her stylist does it, or she chooses it herself. Doesn’t fit her well at all.

    8. fashionforward says:

      Another lace dress from Valentino. I think that brand needs to hire a new chief designer. It looks ugly. The more popular a brand or singer gets their products sucks. I think she needs to grow her hair back out. She’s been having short hair for quite some time.

    9. impmuse says:

      Valentino doesn’t look good on Charmaine because he’s not the right designer for her. She’s just not tall or big-boned enough for his busy designs. Maybe she should go for Vera Wang’s feminine simplicity instead.

      I agree with others that her hairstyle is not nice; she looks much older than she should.

      But I do love her shoes though – I think they’re gorgeous and complement her outfit. They don’t look comfortable though.

    10. Judy says:

      Her face is too big for a pixie cut, she should do something longer. Also she should have altered for a shorter dress as her legs are too short for it.

    11. teehee says:

      i somewhat love her hair. but i must admit. that hair doesnt go well with skirt. maybe a leather jacket or jeans

    12. bloom says:

      I prefer Charmaine with long hair. The clothes is too heavy on her….

    13. Charlotte says:

      Agree that the shoe totally killed it, n she need a softer look to go with that outfit, the hair is fine, but probably need some sort of ribbon/flower n softer locks rather than heavily gel for a defined style

    14. lynn says:

      Actually, I kind of like it. She’s always had weird gelled/ spiked hair in a lot of her appearances. Although i prefer her in long hair, at least this hairstyle is relatively normal.

      And i love the femininity of the 2 piece. It’s quite modern. Much better than some of the dresses she’s been sporting lately.

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