Ella Koon in Fringe Scarf Necklace

By on December 11, 2010
Ella Koon in Fringe Scarf Necklace

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Ella Koon looked sexy in a leather tube dress and long fringe necklace. This look is bold and takes cue from bondage wear!

Overall, loved the look that Ella was going for. Her hair needs improvement though; slicking the bangs back from her face would have provided more focus. Red lipstick would also have made a stronger statement. Ella could also have attempted a more daring look had she worn higher platform heels, ones with wrap-around-ankle straps would have been nice!

Jayne: Would you wear Ella Koon’s look?


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  • Readers' Comments (3)

    1. advo says:

      Meh, it’s a little too avant-garde for my taste. But love her hair though it looks the best on the left picture. On the right, her head looks very round.

    2. impmuse says:

      Her whole look would have looked been better balanced with slightly longer dress to create some distance from the end of the necklace to the dress hem.

      Also too way out for me, so would not wear it.

      Her hair and face looks great though!

    3. larry says:

      The long fringe necklace, dont like. Her dress is good.

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