Fan Bingbing and Gong Li at Louis Vuitton Store Opening

By on July 20, 2012
Louis Vuitton New Flagship Store Opening

SHANGHAI, CHINA - JULY 18: (CHINA OUT) Chinese actress Fan Bingbing attends the Louis Vuitton New Flagship Store opening on July 18, 2012 in Shanghai, China.   | read this item

Fan Bingbing, Hu Bing, and Gong Li appeared at Louis Vuitton’s new flagship Store opening in Shanghai on July 18th.

Fan Bingbing looked like a green spring fairy! She wore a striking embellished dress from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection. The jadeite color of the dress, coupled with the multi-colored flowers offered great textural interest and a whimsical romantic touch.

Often collaborating with Louis Vuitton, Bingbing carried a Louis Vuitton Alma MM bag in green leather, a bag in which she owns in a myriad of colors. Is this Bingbing’s favorite bag?

Is there ever a bad picture of 40-year-old Taiwanese actor, Hu Bing? He looks dashing with a thin mustache and chiseled looks. The only other man that can look equally good in Hu Bing’s suit would be Aaron Kwok!

Many Chinese media sources covering the Louis Vuitton Store Opening focused on Gong Li’s cleavage, which is well displayed in this black lace dress, with thigh high slit. This look has been done countless times and thus, not truly an original in concept. Gold heels would also have looked nicer with the dress, instead of the current silver ones.

Image Source: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. tikiana says:

      um gong li gained some weight. i saw fan bing bing with those shoes before in a bright pink dress. that guy is 40? wow…

    2. elin says:

      agree.. gong li gaining weight.. hu bing yum yum

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Gong Li looks big in it. But a bit more red lipstick would have made a difference.

      No comment on the man.

      But on Fan Bing Bing, let’s start from the top.

      Hair looks lanky.

      Facial expression looks doped.

      Make up makes her look like a ghost. Seriously!

      The dress is all sorts of wrong. Gardens are nice, but you should never wear your garden. It is shapeless and yes I can see it is kinda see through but it is still awful. Colour doesn’t match her pale pale skin.

      Bag.. awful colour awful style. Might as well carry a basket because basket looks better.

      Accessories is either too big at the wrong place or too small at the right place.

      Shoes… awful. Doesn’t match with the overall look at all.

      Overall, I have never seen such a failed attempt as fashion than that of Fan Bing Bing in this instance and fashionista she is not. Help! Help!!!

      • Jayne says:

        Fan Bingbing’s makeup is usually done the same way, in which she opts for ultra pale. Most times she will wear bright red lipstick, but she probably wore a nude lipstick due to the pale colors of the dress.

        Fan Bingbing’s hair is usually her weak spot when it comes to styling. Her gown choices at red carpet events are usually good, but the dress is usually the statement piece and not her hair nor her accessories.

        I like feminine fashions, so I’m usually a fan of “garden designs.” She could have stuck butterflies on the dress and I would likely have clapped.

        The shape of the dress is a little loose though. Otherwise, I like it.

      • Aiya says:

        lol. You speak it all.

        Don’t diss the bag. It probably costed $5 mil…

    4. Veejay says:

      I don’t know what to say about BingBing’s dress but it sure didn’t show off her body curves well! and Yeah agree with Funn that Gong Li is really “BIG”…

    5. J. Lee says:

      Fan Bing Bing is one of the gratest fashionistas in Asia,no one has the right to comment on how she dresses like or what she wears. And if she makes some mistakes sometimes it’s totally ok for her,considering who she is.

    6. Charlotte says:

      I guess if someone has money to burn on bad taste of clothes can be called fashionista then so we should respect that person, right. And we should totally have no mind of our own when looking at these so called fashionista with their awful taste of fashion

    7. daniel says:

      Does Fan Bing Bing actually pay for her LV dress to an LV opening? If she did I’d be surprised LV was so cheap. Pay for her to go and then make her buy her own dress?

      Dude looks good for 40. (note to self: no more donuts…after 10pm!!!)

      Gong Li’s weight is natural for northern women. It only matters that she takes it gracefully. Except for this picture.

    8. daniel says:

      Decisions… I’m gonna finish all the donuts now before I can break the donut rule!!!

    9. deci says:

      That photo of Hu Bing reminds me of James Franco.

    10. oj says:

      FYI: Hu Bing is from Shanghai, not Taiwan.

      Gong Li has been over-exposing her boobs ever since her time in Hollywood. I have to do a double-take on the rare occasions when she’s dressed modestly.

    11. Alexa says:

      OMG, Fan Bing Bing always out-of-it. Looks like a crafty second hand dress… revived with extra add-ons..?

      The man’s gotta it going on.

      Gong Li, been there done that, so safe… blah.

    12. sky says:

      lol at FBB ugly dress..

    13. Selena ****** says:

      Look Fan Bing Bing’s dress.

    14. Flower says:

      Fan Bing Bing looks like she has a lot of nip and tuck done on her face…her smile is super unnatural and her dress looks like a flower pattern paper bag, her make up is too plain that she almost look like a ghost.

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