Fan Bingbing in Valentino Black Lace Dress

By on April 9, 2011
Fan Bingbing in Valentino Black Lace Dress

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Fan Bingbing is held on a pedestal in the Asian fashion world, as international designers clamor to dress her. Due to her statuesque figure and ethereal beauty, Fan Bingbing wears luxurious sweeping gowns extremely well.

Appearing at a Valentino fashion show in Hong Kong on April 7th, Fan Bingbing was personally escorted by Valentino’s CEO, Stefano Sassi. Bingbing wore a sheer black lace dress from the Valentino Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection. The vintage-inspired dress mixed interesting lace and polka-dot patterns and textures. The unique signature dress looked fabulous on Bingbing!

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  • Readers' Comments (9)

    1. pandamao says:

      this one looks a lot better than carina. when i saw carina, i was trying to picture it in black… now i can see it.

      i don’t get the white on top and then suddenly black on bottom thing though.

    2. Danielle says:

      very creative and vintage vibe-ish dress. i like it.

    3. Fox says:

      Why Fan Bing Bing dun use founder for her neck? Can see 2 colors between face and neck.

      I don’t like valentino’s.

    4. sky says:

      over priced ugly stuff from Valentino.

    5. fashionforward says:

      she is pretty but not that old, traditional pajama looking dress. yuck.i love her hair and her lip color though.

    6. bloom says:

      Valentino has some very nice dress but we have to accept that all of us have different tastes.
      Fan Bing Bing has perfect features, sometimes I wonder whether she is a natural beauty or she achieved that by going through under the knife.

    7. loungegirl says:

      I don’t think she is pretty. Yes, she CAN look good at times but those eyes are NOT naturally pretty to me.

    8. Charlotte says:

      Idk but to me, she doesn’t look good on that pic, the dress looks crap, the way she wear it make me feel like she’s 40yrs old plus, her pose is bad, too, seem like herself not liking that dress either. Fbb looks good on pro photograph, n crap on real life snap, n she’s certainly don’t give these so called vintage dress justice

    9. P.Tan says:

      No, I’ve seen her in far lovlier creations. Don’t care much for the panelling in front nor the startling white

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