Linda Chung in White Starfish Versace Dress

By on June 13, 2012
Linda Chung Versace white star dress
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Linda Chung appeared fresh for the summer in a white Versace dress at the designer brand’s store promotional event on June 13th. The white halter dress, with a studded zipper running down the front and a sheer ruffle at the hem of the skirt, was part of the Versace 2012 Ready to Wear Collection.

With her tousled locks framing her shoulders, Linda Chung was the image of dressed-up summer fun in the whimsical starfish patterned dress.

At the Versace event, Linda was drilled about her alleged romance with martial arts star, Philip Ng. Linda sidestepped the media by stating, “I have answered the question too many times! I do not wish to answer! Sorry!”

Perhaps Linda was under a gag order from her management company, TVB, to not elaborate divulge details of her romantic life?

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  • Readers' Comments (7)

    1. Norika says:

      Hey Jayne you got this one! Linda looks gorgeous, her body fits this Versace so well. Her hair and lip stick also matches her outfit and her own adorable character. I am not a Versace fan, but this dress has got unique details which brightens up Linda.

    2. Kidd says:

      Wow, I love this dress of hers. The design is very unique.

      • Jayne says:

        The dress that Charlene wore at the Shanghai Film Festival is from the same Versace collection. I prefer Charlene’s dress more.

        But Linda’s hair looks lovely with some curls. Wonder why she does not opt for this look more.

    3. kim ng says:

      She looks gorgeous !

    4. Funn Lim says:

      For once, a nice picture of Linda, hair and make up all just right. Seems like she didn’t bother to brush her hair. BUT the dress is awful. As jayne said about Charlene’s dress, she should aim for those girlish look. This one even the print is sorta old fashioned. Just ecause it is versace doesn’t mean it will look good on her. But at least her face looks good and feminine.

    5. elin says:

      great looking linda.. finally

    6. Nikki says:

      Good job Linda! You actually made good outfit & makeup choices for a change! You look wonderful! Bravo!

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