2010 Asia Pacific Film Festival

By on December 8, 2010
2010 Asia Pacific Film Festival

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The 2010 Asia Pacific Film Festival was held in Taipei this year and largely overshadowed by its bigger cousin, the Golden Horse Film Festival, which took place two weeks earlier. Nevertheless, the Asia Pacific Film Festival was a good place to catch some older stars such as Christy Chung, Ray Lui, and Irene Wan.

Jo’elle Lu’s sheer brown dress sported the most beautiful look of the night! Modern and minimalist, this dress was perfect in the chocolate color. Had the dress been designed in black, it would have been extremely boring!


Sandrine Pinna is one beautiful lady! Her make-up is perfect here and her necklace tastefully chosen. The black dress may have looked frivolous if accessorized incorrectly, but Sandrine looked like she just stepped off the runway! Christy Chung exudes an earthy sexuality that has remained despite aging. She looked great in the figure-hugging pink dress. One improvement would have been a narrower band for the black waistband.


While Novia Lin’s modified halter-top qipao has room for improvement, she pulled off the look with her star power alone. Pace Wu’s model figure looks great in evening wear, although I dislike the recently popular use of adding satin panels to dresses for textural interest.

Normally, I am not a fan of black evening gowns for ladies, as black is often a lazy choice. But Patty Hou looked sexy and confident in a figure-molding dress that suited her very well. Irene Wan displayed her feminine side in a floral vanilla dress that would have been perfect for a perfume ad.


Ray Lui looked old in a heavily patterned jacket and boxy square glasses. Disliked Ady An’s black and white dress. The necklace was overly simple and seems too casual for the event. Patina Lin’s dress is difficult to pull off. The normally voluptuous model appeared flat-chested in this dress! Loved the look of her pulled-back curls though!

Ethan Ruan is Taiwan’s hottest actor now, but he still needs improvement in his style. The beige suit is too casual and the brown shirt and tie does not match well. Did Xiao Xiao Bin borrow his tie from his infant brother? It’s so short!


Ruby Lin’s purple dress was truly disastrous! The dress fit her poorly, she appears to have no hips! The ruffled top looked cheap and makes you wonder why on earth she decided to wear this dress?!

Nick Cheung often appears at red carpet events dressed sloppily, with poorly matched outfits and bad choices. This suit is much too wrinkly and cut too full at the crotch, making Nick look like he has an excessive bottom!

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  • Readers' Comments (4)

    1. advo says:

      I agree regarding worst dresses – especially Nick! Those trousers are a tragedy!

      But I have to admit, I love Ethan’s suit. He’s the best dressed for me, LOL. You might be right about it being too casual though if it’s a very fancy event. Is the Asia Pacific Film Festival big?

      I normally don’t care much about menswear, but I didn’t fancy any of the dresses. Maybe with the exception of Patina Lin’s dress. I’m not familiar with her though, so I don’t know how her body type normally is. Personally, I think she looked good.

    2. Tammy says:

      EW EW EW EW EW.. they all have extremely terrible taste in fashion. RUBY’s dress looks fuuggglyy and cheap. I think I can go to Forever21 and get a better looking dress for $9.99 LOL J/K

    3. oouuuch says:

      dang what on earth are they thinking….yeah ruby dress is too cheap looking. most of these girls aren’t so pretty. especially the 1st picture. there’s so many bad dresses. they should have me design for them. i hate Pace Wu’s satin panels dress. during college my classmate made a whole collection with those satin panels. the fabric is too hard to work with. it became cheap looking and it’s too wrinkly when made poorly. it’s just a shame. she obviously didn’t get good grades and this was just two years ago.

    4. ABDULAZIZ says:


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