2010 Golden Horse Film Awards

By on November 26, 2010
2010 Golden Horse Film Awards

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The 2010 Golden Horse Film Awards was a star-studded event marked by glamorous fashions. The ladies dressed especially tastefully. Big jewelry did not dominate the carpet, but rather artfully completed the evening wear when worn by the actresses. Hair and make-up had room for improvement though!


Both Lin Chiling and Li Bingbing looked absolutely stunning at the 2010 Golden Horse Film Awards. Featuring a sheer black lace bodice and dramatic sequined skirt, Chilling’s gown is a classic beauty much like herself! Delicate black sequins frame the shoulder, which remind me of a sprinkling of leaves.

Last year’s Golden Horse Best Actress Winner, Li Bingbing, looked elegant in an aquamarine Giorgio Armani crystal-beaded dress. The $300,000 (Yuan) dress was from Armani’s latest collection and especially flown from New York for Bingbing to wear at the awards ceremony. Adding to the extravagance was the $10 million (Yuan) in jewels that the actress wore. When Bingbing stepped onto the red carpet, she stunned the crowd.


Dee Xu wore two gowns at the Golden Horse Film Awards. When walking down the red carpet, she wore a one-shouldered white dress with an eye-catching slit in the bodice. The retro waves and red lipstick have a classic Hollywood feel. I loved Dee’s silver crystal and tulle dress that she wore during the ceremony even more! As you can see, the sheer bodice was actually quite daring, as the beaded parts barely covered the bottom of her breasts!

Retro 1950s floral patterns are popular this Fall season. Zhang Jingchu wore this black and red floral dress very well. While I am not a big fan of polka-dot prints, Chang Chun Ning’s sweeping skirt was irresistible.


White is a nice alternative to black dresses at red carpet events. Although Tiffany Hsu’s white gown was simple and did not have much adornment, she carried this dress very elegantly. Boyfriend, Ethan Ruan, winning the Golden Horse Best Actor Award certainly put Tiffany in the spotlight as well!

Although Gan Wei wore a one-shouldered white dress, her style was completely different from Dee Xu’s dress, which was more form fitting and sensual. Interesting how they are both similar dresses, yet Dee’s more structured dress was sensual while Gan Wei ’s bordered on being angelic. The make-up and accessories also play a role into the final impression.


Ditching her normal preference for black evening attire,  Kara Hui appeared as pretty as a rose at in this pink floral one-shoulder dress.  Kara appeared vibrant and youthful in this hue, which she carried very well.  My only gripe is that the dress is appears too “Spring-like” and comes across as “out of season” for the time of year. Tony Leung was certainly nice arm candy! Novia Lin’s electric blue dress was nice, but her hair could use some tidying!

Blue Lan was the best dressed male  at the 2010 Golden Horse Film Awards. The gray satin-collared jacket contrasted nicely with black velvet pants. Men look very hot in black velvet at red carpet events! Ethan Ruan’s traditional tux and bow tie were uninspiring and did not stand out.

Ady An’s black dress was artfully draped, but did the ultra-short skirt make sitting down uncomfortable all night? Nanako Tse wore a pretty ruffled purple dress, which appeared a bit too casual for the awards ceremony.

Nicholas Tse’s plum-colored suit made him stand out the entire night. His aviator sunglasses is a style that his father, Patrick Tse, loves to wear!

Xu Fan and Tan Zhou picked safe gowns to wear that did particularly make them stand out either.


Vivian Hsu’s dress looked like two sheets knotted together in the front. The high turtleneck and padded shoulders of Sylvia Chang’s gown made her look short and stout.

Although Lv Li Ping may have won the Best Actress Award, her black and white dress definitely lost marks with fashion critics. Li Yi Jie’s pink dress with bow-ties was just too frilly for the Golden Horse Awards ceremony.


Cecilia Yip wore a dress that made her look middle-aged. With her graceful aging, Cecilia definitely could have worn a more youthful design such as Kara Hui’s pink dress. Elva Hsiao disappointed with a puffy black gown that seems to have air injected inside it. Did someone say “pump it up” at the wrong place?

Jayne: The overall quality of gowns exhibited at the 2010 Golden Horse Film Awards was a lot better than the 2010 TVB Anniversary show. Of course the bigger stars at Golden Horse also meant more designer sponsorship.

Who wore your favorite gown?

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  • Readers' Comments (9)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Ahhhhh yes this is more like it! Most are glamarous and beautiful. However Elva Hsiao’s one look like some huge curtain draped over her body.

      Li Bing Bing’s make up is great but the dress gave me a headache; like looking at spots. The colour is great though, current and young.

      Lin Chi Ling’s dress is beautiful but would it be even better with a tighter skirt and a long ermmm.. tail or whatever you call that. And a bit of cleavage will make the dress sexier but not lewd. In fact change it into a chinese qipao but use that top will even be better.

      Lv Li Ping’s dress is actually nice if the mermaid fins or whatever is that thing is taken away.

      The De Xu white dress is gorgeous. The guys look great. The girls look great.


      I do like how their hair is done and especially the accessories are not overdone like TVB where it is like “LOOK AT MY BLING BLING!”. Nope, these women and men dressed to say “The dress compliments me but hey, LOOK AT ME”

      Great stuff! Mostly hit, only a few misses!

    2. Jayne says:

      Funn, I found it refreshing that there was no “amphed up” cleavage at the Golden Horse Film Awards. I find all the recent display of cleavage at TVB and Hollywood events to be a bit distracting. Sometimes less is more.

      For Lin Chiling’s dress, do you mean substituting it with a mermaid skirt? Fitted at the hip through thighs and then flaring out? Hm…that’s a more traditional interpretation. I love it the way it is now!

      TVB’s excessive bling was thanks to Albert Yeung’s new company, Emperor Watch & Jewelry sponsoring the artists with diamond jewelry.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Yes Jayne, that’s what I meant. I do like the skirt now, which is young, fun and cute. But she has got a killer body, and I feel she could go for a bit more glamarous mature sexy look for once and a tighter skirt would look great on her and make it more..well my overused look, glamarous.

      Emperor Watch & Jewelry? What more can you expect from a company called Emperor Watch & Jewelry. No wonder they’re so darn excessive.

    4. Aly says:

      Lin Chiling and Dee Hsu’s dresses were my favorites! Very beautiful and elegant! And I agree with you guys, that sometimes less is more. You don’t need a whole lot of jewelry to stand out. The dress is so important as it is the first thing that captures your eye. I would have liked Li Bing bing’s dress too if it did not have so much beads on it! It made it look somewhat tacky from far away if you couldn’t tell it was crystal beads. I think the color itself would have been a stand out! The dress itself was very nicely designed and I love one-shouldered strap dresses! I agree with you Jayne on your worst dress picks. When I Cecilia’s dress, I was like, “Why???” And I was not fond of all the prints of flowers and dots either.

    5. advo says:

      I did not like any of dresses unfortunately.

      Lin Chiling’s dress is Valentino Pre-Fall 201o, btw.

      I’m embarrassed on Nicholas Tse’ behalf. That suit is butt-ugly and has a terrible fit. I know it’s done on purpose, but I hate seeing badly dressed men almost as much as badly dressed women! Since when did ugly become the new black?

    6. Tamborine says:

      Does anyone see a resemblance of Lin Chiling to the 80/90′s starlet Chingmy Yau?

    7. Jayne says:

      Advo, thanks for pointing out Chiling’s dress is from the Valentino collection. I’ll update the article to reflect this information when I get the chance. I love Valentino evening dresses, but Elie Saab is my favorite!

      Nic’s suit isn’t that terrible, but the dull plum color sure is.

    8. Jayne says:

      Tamborine, now that you point it out, there is a certain likeness between Chiling and Chingmy. Do you know who the Hong Kong model, Yama, is? I think Yama looks a lot like Chingmy!

    9. Danielle says:

      Lin Chi Ling looked so so gorgeous. Really perfection. I wouldn’t change a thing about the look.

      Li Bing Bing’s dress is so ill-fitting. It’s loose at the waist, makes her look fat imo.

      White gowns are great but if worn wrongly, they look like bridal gowns. Florals and full skirts are coming back due to Louis Vuitton’s new season of retro.

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