2010 Metro Radio Hits Awards

By on January 3, 2011
2010 Metro Radio Hits Awards

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With 130 awards handed out to Hong Kong singers at the 2010 Metro Radio Hits Awards on December 28th, everyone was a winner! In an attempt to wear fashion-forward styles, most artists’ outfits flopped, but there were a few gems!


Charlene Choi was the best dressed at the Metro Radio Hits Awards, opting for a cream dress with intricate ruffles and flared skirt. Charlene matched her dress with an artful pair of cream pumps with ankle straps. Gillian Chung came in second best dressed in a red dress, whose shape resembled Charlene’s gown. Gillian wore a bold red Lanvin for H&M necklace.


Aarif Lee looked impeccable in a suit that had superior cutting and fit him very well. Stephy Tang looked sexy and cool in a lace tank and bra top. Is it possible to really dance in those high heels? By the way, I think Kate Tsui would have looked equally good in Stephy’s outfit!


Eason Chan loves his Elvis hair and he goes everywhere with this style nowadays! No doubt Eason was very comfortable in his black and white sequined jogging suit! The tag line for Eason’s outfit could easily be: “Elvis Goes Jogging!”

Miriam Yeung loves whimsical fashions and eye-catching details, but this jacket was a monstrosity as it resembled Godzilla’s spikes! Joey Yung looked cool in a flapper style dress with a brown furry twist.

G.E.M.’s black leather bustier and pants ensemble looked pretty hot. Pairing it with a purple fur wrap gave the outfit a pop of color. The side braids added a punk rocker chic to the entire look. G.E.M. looked sexy and confident in this outfit! Hins Cheung’s sweater was interesting with the knitted cable design, but the outfit somewhat emphasized his small frame.


Is Kay Tse’s lucky color white? She loves to wear white at music awards ceremonies. While her dress is technically very beautiful, the bridal style was very inappropriate for this music award event. Kay’s wild curls and furry headpiece added to the frivolous look that spelled disaster!

Jade Kwan is wearing a very hot silhouette for this fall, in which the hem of the dress is cut longer in the back. The pumpkin color is nice too, but somehow the dress is not very suitable for her. The black fringe necklace, arm band and black heels matched too much and gave it a predictable effect.

Sherman Chung’s red dress was not necessarily bad looking, but the thick leather belt and bracelet gave a tough appearance that did not go well with her red dress.

Jayne: I have seen Charlene Choi’s shoes while browsing the internet before. I think they are Christian Louboutin, but I am not positive. Anyway, they’re boldly beautiful and Charlene paired it well with a simple cream dress.

What are your thoughts on everyone’s outfits?

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  • Readers' Comments (11)

    1. Aly says:

      I didn’t watch the awards show, but based on these pics. both Charlene and Gillian looked cute and stylish. They were having fun with what they were wearing, which is what the singers like to do at their awards ceremony, not the traditional gowns at other red carpet events. But they matched it very well and it suited their personalities very well, and did not go overboard like some others.

    2. kaykay says:

      YES!! charlene made it to the best dressed list! The cream color ruffle dress went well with her skin tone, the pumps are very interesting and artsy, it went well with the intricate dress. As a Charlene fan, i’m following her micro blog; she mentioned those pumps were actually Nicholas Kirkwood brand. I personally love Charlene’s style, she plays around with texture and color a lot for event appearances as well as her casual looks.

    3. moonriver says:

      I like the furry-looking Joey. She looks like a cute puppy. But I don’t think the black belt should be there, if I’m seeing it correctly.

      Eason’s too predictable. Would be nice to see him dress “normally” for a change.

    4. Jayne says:

      Kay Kay, thanks so much for spotting the designer of Charlene’s shoes! It was driving me insane trying to figure out who made them since I have see them online before!

      Moonriver, Hehe Eason’s too predictable? At least he didn’t wear harem pants!

    5. tammy says:

      I agree with your ratings. Perhaps, others outfits are so FUGLY that they make Charlene looks nice? LOL

    6. Luvfashion says:

      Once again, most of them need to fired their stylists. The twin duo looks appropriate for the event, fun and fresh.

    7. Ann says:

      Charlene looked stunning with that dress..while Gillian looked like a doll with her little red dress.

    8. OooH says:

      They all look good without those clothes on! Twins looks cute while others clothes needs to be donated to charity. Sorry to be mean but stephy really have NO boobs. I tought I was flat but nevermind. Really sorry to put it out there. I pray that males don’t wear xtra tight skinny pants. Such a turnoff!

      • Jayne says:

        OooH, Stephy is small-busted, but I thought she looked good in her outfit. She has overall good body proportion. Every actress in Hong Kong seems to be heavily padded these days to produce maximum cleavage.

        Agree on the fact that men shouldn’t wear overly tight skinny pants. Harem pants are also very unflattering.

    9. lisa says:

      Gem needs to find a new clothe consultant, she seem tacky to me, keep those corset in door,!!

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