2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony

By on December 7, 2010
2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony

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The TVB Anniversary Awards is one of the most anticipated events of the year among Hong Kong entertainment fans. Although spectacular diamonds were on display, the ladies’ gowns failed to dazzle on the same level.


Raymond Lam, in a stylish Burberry trench coat and eye-catching fringe pin, was the best dressed artist, beating out the sexily clad ladies! The “Hottest Man Alive at TVB” displayed his flirtatious side after winning the My Favorite Male Character and TVB.com Popularity Awards.



Linda Chung’s figure looks great in long flowing gowns. Fuchsia is a hot color choice in evening wear right now. Designed by Barney Chan, Linda’s dress looks great from the waist up, although the shiny satin bands and ruffles in the skirt take away the elegance. Linda’s $10.2 million (HKD) diamond jewelry set, “Dazzling Love” was sponsored by Emperor Watch & Jewellry. Her necklace had a combined 61.37 carats in diamonds and her bracelet had 6.4 carats in total diamonds. Loved the simple elegance of her side-swept hair!


Tavia Yeung’s $15 million (HKD) diamond jewelry set was aptly named “Gorgeous Moment,” which was sponsored by Emperor Watch & Jewellry. Her gown was purchased by a friend while traveling overseas. I love Tavia’s necklace; the scattering of the diamond design is truly magical! However, the rhinestone on her dress was a little overkill. Ron Ng’s muscular torso filled out his jacket well as usual!


Fala Chen is one of the most beautiful actresses at TVB and she wears this Giorgio Armani beige dress very elegantly. She color-coordinated very nicely with Raymond Wong, who should have left his bow-tie home! Loved Kate Tsui’s side-swept curls, although her make-up looked a little pale. Prefer Kenneth Ma with hair!



Valentino evening gowns are often worn by actresses at red carpet events due to their classic elegance. Charmaine Sheh’s Valentino dress, valued at $220,000 (HKD) was likely the most expensive dress at the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards! However, the dress makes Charmaine look too mature and the long-sleeves are much too conservative! I like the back of the dress though. Charmaine wore 6 carats in diamonds valued at $10 million (HKD).


Best Actress, Sheren Tang, wore a Johanna Ho black mermaid dress, which emphasized her curves. The dress by itself is fine, but Sheren’s friend and stylist for the awards ceremony, Wyman Wong, suggested black gloves and pin curls, which play up the 1940s “Glamor Girl” image. Sheren wore $9 million (HKD) worth of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. Perhaps the black gloves can stay if they really wanted, but the hair should have been swept up. The hair and make-up, especially the bright red lipstick, made Sheren look very old. I preferred her minimalist look from the 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards much more!

Wayne Lai would have looked better if his jacket were one size bigger. It looked uncomfortably tight and emphasized his narrow shoulders. While Moses Chan can often pull off stylish outfits, I dislike his “Robin Hood, Men in Tights” ensemble.


Natalie Tong is a beautiful woman, but her “bridemaid dress” was totally uninspiring. Although her Emilio Pucci 2010 dress was pretty, Nancy Wu could have benefitted from better make-up and jewelry choice.



Soon-to-be-bride, Toby Leung, appears to be enjoying the limelight in a sexy gray dress displaying her long cleavage line.  The dress was designed by Walter Ma.

Mimi Lo’s dress already had a lot of eye-catching details; she should have lost the crazy hair clip and high heels. Derek Kwok wore a boldly-pattern jacket, while Queenie Chu looked vibrant in yellow. Together, the trio looked like they were really for “fiesta time!”



Louise Lee tends to pick dresses that emphasize her age. The frosted pink color is actually very pretty, but the dress could do without the collar and shortening the hem to the knee. The dress looks like a giant big cloak. Susanna Kwan looked elegant as always.

Vincent Wong looked terrible in a brown plaid ensemble. If he didn’t want to wear black, dark gray would have been a better alternative. But no strong patterns please!



Who wore the worst outfit, Pierre Ngo or Michael Tse? Unless you’re Scottish, men should not wear bold plaid jackets! Plaid looks best in small dosages! Pierre Ngo’s permed hair added to the poorly assembled outfit. A big thumbs down! Michael Tse was under-dressed for the occasion and he should have lost the nerdy glasses!

Jayne: What are your thoughts on the fashion choices at the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards? Favorite outfit? Worst outfit?

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  • Readers' Comments (40)

    1. advo says:

      Linda: Overall not a bad dress. Great colour and pretty design. However, her chest and waist areas needed better definition.

      Tavia: First of, absolutely loathe the hair! I don’t like short hair on Tavia, and I definitely hate the way she styled it. Then, the colour of her dress was kinda bleh. A hot red would have been better than that orange-y red. And finally, the completely overkill of bling! It’s so ridiculously matchy-matchy and frankly TACKY! If she wanted the bling on her dress, she should have used more simple jewellery.

      Fala: Pure understated elegance! Gorgeous dress and it fit her perfectly. I was also glad to see that she had her hair up. A bun would have been more elegant, but the ponytail is youthful. If you see the clip of her getting up to get her award, you can see how well and confidently she carried the dress.

      Kate: For once, she looked good, albeit a little boring. Not much to say really. Her outfit neither excited me nor offended me.

      Charmaine: Of all the Valentino dresses! Ugh. I was really disappointed to see Charmaine pick such a matron-like dress. Even though she styled her hair more playfully, it was not enough to outweigh the sombre-ness of her dress. I’m not really a huge fan of the hair either, but it’s especially a mismatch with that dress.

      Sheren: I disagree with you, Jayne about the gloves and hair. I loved the look she was going for, although I agree that the makeup was a little too severe. My problem with her dress is that it doesn’t look like it fit her well. Her waist and hips look gigantic!

      Natalie: Hehe. Bridesmaid dress is a totally appropriate description of Natalie’s dress. Boring, boring, boring.

      Nancy: I disagree with you on Nancy. I thought her Emilio Pucci Fall 2010 was gorgeous! And, this is very much different from person to person, but I liked that her “assets” weren’t totally out there. A big cleavage would have made the dress look cheap/vulgar – not unlike Kate’s dress at the Lightening Ceremony. I also thought the hair and makeup was fine. With regards to jewellery – because the dress is rather ostentatious, it works better without much bling.

      No comments to Toby, Mimi and Louise’ dresses.

      I actually also want to comment on Kara’s dress. I thought it was a great and very youthful choice. She looked gorgeous. She has actually worn several great outfits lately. I also recall her Lightening Ceremony outfit which was very elegant. Looked very Chanel (maybe it even was.)

      As for men:

      I’m glad Ray looked decent as he often have bad taste. Steven, Kenneth and Ron all looked very suave. I’m not sure what Moses was thinking. Perhaps, he knew beforehand that he wasn’t winning anything but a consolation prize so he didn’t bother to make an effort. I also cannot believe Vincent Wong decided to age him 30 years by borrowing his grandfathers’ suit. Not only was it an ugly brown colour, but that pattern!!! It absolutely breaks my heart because Vincent is deliciously tall with his 186 cm. Not a fan of Raymond Wong’s suit, and I thought it was a little too matchy with Fala’s dress. Joel’s suit was so over-the-top and old. Michael Tse was underdressed and should lose the glasses. Derek’s suit was ugly and I don’t think I hate anything more than boots with a suit! Hmm, I just want to add that I actually like Queenie’s dress. A bold, but fresh colour and good design. It’s too bad that it’s easily overlooked because she arrived with Derek and Mimi, whose outfits screamed for attention. I hate Pierre’s belt-thing but otherwise, I don’t mind the plaid jacket. It’s more “fun” without being downright ugly. Unlike Vincent’s jacket, it’s an more interesting colour.

    2. nath says:

      Been waiting for your post!! I really enjoy your analysis.

      Nothing much to add. I thought Tavia’s hairstyle while not the best on her made her stand out. It wasn’t overdone and it wasn’t plain either. The bling might have been too much considering the jewelry she was wearing, but if not, it’s a nice dress.

      Love, love Kara’s hairstyle!! It looks really good on her!! On the other hand, I thought Fala’s hair was awful. She might wear the dress well, but the hair made her look older. In some pictures, it looks unkempt and greasy ^_^;

      While Fala wore her dress well, I thought the hairstyle wasn’t great.

    3. advo says:

      Just watched the arrival again…

      Susanna looked elegant, but a tad boring.
      Elane Kong’s dress was also great because it wasn’t the traditional floor-length gown. Do dislike the hair though.
      Selena looked pregnant and the dress was too fussy.
      But Raymond Cho looked very handsome and Elaine’s dress was such a gorgeous colour!
      Queenie Chu’s dress was not as good as I thought because of the additional bright colour at the bottom of her dress.

    4. advo says:

      @ Nath, I disagree. Fala’s hair made her look youthful because it was a nice contrast to her elegant dress. Otherwise, she might have looked too mature and/or made-up.

    5. Jayne says:

      Advo, great analysis! *clap* I disliked Tavia’s hair a lot as well! I think the artists’ hair are styled by TVB hairstylists, so perhaps it was not Tavia’s idea to comb down the bangs in such a way. Remember Linda Chung’s odd windswept hair at last year’s awards ceremony? Probably the same stylists at work.

      Nancy Wu often has good taste in picking out dresses. I liked her Emilio Pucci dress as well, but her weakness is often accessorizing and make-up. She picks out nice dresses but sometimes fails to deliver on the final package.

      Looking again at Derek Kwok’s outfit, the jacket makes him look like a blackjack dealer at a casino. :)

      So far, loved the fashions at the Golden Horse Film Awards the most!

    6. Jayne says:

      Since winning multiple Best Actress film awards, Kara Hui’s profile has been raised, likely increasing the number of sponsors racing to dress her. She looked youthful and vibrant!

    7. advo says:

      @ Thanks Jayne! Really appreciate your work!

      Regarding the hair – I don’t know. But still, shouldn’t they have an opinion themselves? The bangs styled that way is just indescribably ugly. And Tavia is such a pretty girl! Good style is also about knowing what looks good on you and not let trends or other people dictate what you wear.

      I haven’t really followed Nancy that closely. I do recall the dress she wore when she won Most Improved which was hideous. I think her style have evolved and matured – in a good way. Hated her dress at the Lightening Ceremony though. Too bondage? I think her makeup is quite good here though. In the show, she looked beautiful. I think she toned down the jewellery and makeup to better showcase her dress and I think that was the right choice.

      LMAO. Agree on you re. Derek. I knew his outfit reminded me of something! :D

    8. advo says:

      Indeed, Kara looked fabulous! Frankly, I don’t understand why she stays in TVB when all she ever get is supporting roles.

      Regarding Golden Horse vs. TVB Awards – the dresses at the GHA were definitely more couture. The problem was that I didn’t think any particular dress stood out. It’s easy to say what’s good and bad at the TVB Awards because the difference is so big here.

    9. Aly says:

      I gotta agree, Jayne. I loved Linda’s and Raymond’s outfits for the ceremony. I would like Linda’s gown even more if it had less flowers on the shoulder to make it a little simpler. But lovely color and design. I’ve always been a lover of the one-shoulder strap dresses, so I like Linda’s and Fala’s dresses. I actually didn’t mind the one Dodo was wearing as well except that the color was dull that it got washed out with her skin color, so it didn’t stand out.
      Charmaine’s dress would have been better without the sleeves. I also like the back of the dress. But with the long sleeves it just makes it old looking, Sheren was going for old Hollywood glamour and I liked her look overall, but yes it does make her look a lot older. I think without the gloves would have looked better.
      Worst dress would be Mimi Lo, Toby Leung, Lee Si kei (she always has horrible dresses), and Alvina Kong yan yin for the ladies. For the men, would be Vincent Wong, which is sad cause he’s such a stud, Michael Tse, and Derek Kwok.
      Some other looks I liked that night were Kara Hui (very youthful looking), Kate Tsui(she actually looked very elegant), and I thought Elaine Yiu looked very pretty that night as well. I like the purple color on her dress and she had great makeup. Sometimes I wonder if she did go under the knife or if it’s the miracle of makeup. She looks so much prettier than when she first started!

    10. gigi says:

      i mostly agree with you, but as far as the ladies, i think sheren was actually the best dressed. She really did pull off that glamour look quite well and top it off with the award was perfect. I didn’t like Linda’s dress because of the tedious from the waist down losing its elegance.

      btw how do you know which brands these stars are wearing???

    11. gigi says:

      love ray’s jacket, checked out burberry.com but i didn’t see it on their US site, where else can you can it?

    12. puff says:

      You missed out Elaine Yiu. Her dress is simple yet beautiful. I think she’s the prettiest that night

    13. Jayne says:

      Puff, I came across Elaine’s dress and thought it looked nice as well.

    14. Jayne says:

      Gigi, sometimes the Chinese newspapers will mention what the stars are wearing. Researching the internet and following fashion magazines will also help in identifying designer labels.

      Raymond added an eye-catching fringe pin to his outfit, which was a nice festive touch. His Burberry trench coat, valued at $1695 USD, can be purchased here:

      Advo’s been pretty good in spotting some designer brands as well!

    15. advo says:

      I was watching Scoop and Entertainment News’ coverages of the Anniversary Awards and found out that Natalie Tong and Vivien Yeo had “a friend” design their dresses. Frankly, you could totally tell that from their dresses because they both looked like those dresses you get customised for prom.

    16. Loekie says:

      Top 3 BEST DRESSED:

      1. Kara’s : very youngfull, I love her hair!!!
      2. Linda: Love this colour! No valentino, no gucci, no chanel, no vera wang, just a good friend designer. I love that!Cuz, she don’t need that.
      3. Fala: like an angel! Very Fala her self, not extreme or outstanding, just Fala.

      Top 3 WORST DRESSED:

      1. Charmaine: I’m sorry. I have seen better dresses on her. The dress tell us two things:Valentino & $$$$ That’s all.She don’t need that. So I’m little bit disapointed.
      2. Sheren: She look fat in this dress. I know she have a good shape. And she look too old and she has a bad hair day. I like her hair and outfit on RB2.
      3. Tavia: same as Charmaine. I have seen her better before. Red seems to old and the dress should be strapless

    17. Loekie says:

      And I like the black dress of Aimee!!

    18. Funn Lim says:

      Valentino gown may be the most expensive but it has my vote as the worst. It shows price isn’t everything; the dress drowns Charmaine and makes her look old. She may be going for gothic (well look at Sheren then) or glamarous (well look at Kara then) but it failed on every single aspects. Definitely my vote for worst. Charmaine should fire her stylist. But then she has never been great at choosing her outfit.

      Near that is Toby Leung with a tad too small a size for her. And sorry, I hate Linda’s dress. Makes her look old.

      You know the best dressed? Kara Hui. Perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect dress, even if it is pink. She just looks stunning.

      Again why does Fala always chooses dress with colours that washes her out? She looks pale. She is lovely, she has the figure, the shape of the dress is nice but Fala needs colours! I would want Fala to wear Charmaine’s dress and Charmaine Fala’s dress.

      Sheren is too gothic for my taste. Tavia.. the dress looks too old fashioned and she looks too masculine.

      Natalie Tong had fantastic makeup but I agree, the dress is too old fashioned BUT better than the old looking Linda’s dress

      Nancy Wu would have benefited from a better bra. She looks flat.

      For the guys, Moses looks good but the ensemble is a bit too simplistic.

      Raymond looks great so yes I agree he looks fantastic but in terms of glamour, I love Wayne’s dress. Yes it’s a bit too small but it fits him like a glove and I really like the look so Wayne has my vote as the best.

      ron looks good though. Steven Ma.. love the look too but too much black. Would have loved another colour on him, maybe tie different colour. The guys were mostly in black.

      Raymond Wong.. at least different. Kenneth Ma looks like he needs an iron on his suit.

    19. Funn Lim says:

      P/s : Pierre at least is different with his matador look. Michael Tse… no. Where is Bobby? I am sure Bobby will look great in a well cut tux.

    20. advo says:

      @ Jayne, I only recognise international brands because I follow the Western fashion world. Can’t read Chinese. But I recognised Nancy’s Emilio Pucci because Sienna Miller wore it earlier this year.

    21. gigi says:

      jayne-that coat looked similar, but i don’t think it’s the one ray’s wearing

    22. Jayne says:

      Gigi, the coat comes with a belt if you read the Burberry description. Ray wore it belted and with a pin, but the cutting, button details etc all looked the same.

    23. Jayne says:

      Advo, btw I found out that Fala’s beige dress is designed by Giorgio Armani. It does look like his signature style.

    24. gigi says:

      Jayne-The style is very similar, but Ray’s jacket is a little longer, and the less space between the. Here’s a pic of Ray’s coat (body length)

    25. advo says:

      @ Jayne. Oh Armani. <3 Fala has great taste!

    26. advo says:

      @ Jayne, where did you read the bit about Fala’s dress? I checked all the 2010 Giorgio Armani and Armani Privee collections but I didn’t see her dress.

      I do think that Fala’s dress look familiar, but I can’t recall from where.

    27. Jayne says:

      Advo, Face magazine mentioned it was Armani. I think it is from the 2009 collection, as I spotted another celebrity wearing the same dress. will post soon!

      I wonder if Fala bought the dress with her own money? Usually sponsors will provide the newest collection.

    28. advo says:

      Oh, it was from 2009. Usually, people don’t wear older collections – unless, it’s vintage of course.

      Found it – it’s Giorgio Armani SS2009. It’s a rather old season so it’s possible that she bought it herself on sale or a while ago.

    29. Jayne says:

      Advo, rumors are rampant that Fala is secretely married to Sit Sai Hang, which I am starting to believe more and more. Even if that Armani dress were on sale, it’ll probably still be at lleast $1000, still a big splurge for a dress to wear one time. So again makes me wonder if she is married.

      Latest tabloids claim that she has toned down her sexy image to appease hubby’s family. Allegedly she is also pressured by hubby’s family to have kids in 2 years.

    30. Funn Lim says:

      But she is a rising star with endorsement. Surely $1000 is peanuts to her?

    31. advo says:

      Jayne, I think it’s probably a combination of her boyfriend and TVB. Fala didn’t have much luck in the past with rumours claiming she was a diva etc. She has also talked about an “attitude change” before. I think she probably realised that if she wanted to be successful, she needed to change her image.

      Frankly, I’d think IF she was to marry Sit Sai Hang, it would be a big event. Do these rich guys not usually marry without it being a huge deal? That’s why I doubt they are really married. Besides, Fala is rather young and seems very ambitious – I mean career, not money-wise (though they are hardly mutually exclusive).

      As for the dress, hard to know for sure.

    32. advo says:

      Sorry, I meant:

      *with it being a huge deal

    33. Danielle says:

      I think Raymond lam and Ron looked great!

      I too think Kara was the best dressed of the night! The color,hair and accessories were perfect.

      My next favourite is Nancy Wu. Nice dress and glad she didn’t play up the cleavage or accessories. The dress stands out with the cutting so it’s best to minimize the rest.

      I like Linda’s dress if only they toned down on the ruffles a little bit.

      Sheren’s dress makes her look fat but I like the old Hollywood look.

      Fala’s dress is alright but it’s so boring. Her hair doesn’t go with the dress, she looks like a small girl trying to match an elegant dress with a ponytail.

      Kate’s dress has a rosette that is far too big. But her makeup and hair is good.

    34. Jayne says:

      Sarah, thanks so much for the picture link! I also noticed that Kathy Chow wore the dress last year, but your photo was much better than the one I found! Thanks for sharing!

    35. Antonio says:

      Raymond’s singing expression looks exaggerating, seems over the top note, lol

    36. raz says:

      sheren is just ugh.

    37. Perfexto says:

      Falafel Chen best dressed! ALWAYS!

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