2010 TVB Anniversary

By on November 20, 2010
2010 TVB Anniversary

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The 2010 TVB Anniversary lacked the attendance of its brightest stars, such as Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Jessica Hsuan, and many others. Instead, the Anniversary show became a “beauty pageant parade” as many former Miss Hong Kong winners dominated the red carpet! With a few exceptions, many fashions were prom-style and appeared to be on a budget.


Carol Dodo Cheng often has impeccable taste in glamorous fashions and she wore the most beautiful dress of the night! This mermaid dress created an hour-glass figure through the fitted bodice, draped fabric at the hip, and skirt that fanned out at the bottom.  Despite its elegance, the dress has a youthful feel due to its hot pink color, but Carol wore it magnificently!


Nancy Wu’s pink ostrich dress was daring in its extremely fitted bodice and ultra-short skirt. The design was very modern and Nancy accessorized wisely with a thick chain-link necklace and bracelet set. However, Nancy appeared too thin in this dress and perhaps she could have chose a fit to flatter her frame more.

Natalie Tong looked vibrant and beautiful in this elegant gown. The canary yellow was just a shade too bright, otherwise the dress would have been a perfect choice.

Janet Chow’s gown draped well. Despite its simple design, it was very effective in showcasing her figure. Tracy’s Ip’s dress would have benefited from some color injection. Nude dresses are difficult to pull off without making the wearer appear washed out! Michael Tse looked “uniform handsome” in this well-fitted jacket. Glad he did not wear a tie, otherwise it would have ruined the look. Great choice!


Kate Tsui’s plunging neckline and “costume jewelry” exhibits her flamboyant style. While not necessarily bad looking, the size of the star reminds me of a Christmas ornament. Fala Chen’s gown lacked excitement. Personally, I find navy difficult to pull off in evening wear. Navy is like the drab cousin of black!

Strong zebra stripes are overpowering and best reserved for small accessory items such as bags or shoes. Krystal Tin and Christine Kuo looked like twins in their bold zebra dresses! Salmon must be Skye Chan’s favorite color, as she wore a very similar gown at the 2010 TVB Lighting Ceremony.


Samantha Ko’s bright purple dress, with its embellished crystal neckline is difficult to pull off without looking like a prom princess. Koni Lui’s dress is basically a leotard with draped purple panels acting as a skirt. The concept is interesting, but executed in a very busy manner; the gray lace leotard and lace leggings clash with the purple fabric. Leanne Li’s dress would also benefit from less details. The brown and black colors, sheer panel, cut out design are all too much!

Lily Ho’s dress seemed stuck in the 1980s, from the lace appliques, embellished crystals, to ruffled skirt. Jeanette Leung’s ensemble seemed more like a “costume” than evening attire, as the long gloves remind me of the Disney princesses. The gown itself is quite pretty, if only Jeanette lost those gloves!

Liza Wang’s silver dress is so shiny, it looks like aluminum wrap! While we’re on the kitchen analogy, those white draped sleeves look like “plastic bags” hanging from her arms. Standing together, the 2010 Miss Hong Kong winners’ dresses were hues of the rainbow and looked garish. The cut of Crystal Li’s dress fits her frame very well, although I am not a big fan of tie-dye patterns. The style of Lisa Chong’s dress sends shivers down my spine. Sammi Cheung’s emerald green gown looks like a big Christmas bow. Toby Chan actually looked pretty nice and appeared more elegant than the other Miss Hong winners.


Sire Ma’s tacky white ensemble truly left me speechless! Was she trying to look cute? The tiara looks like something a little girl yearning to pretend to be a princess would wear. The white dress is shapeless and leave a lot to be desired.

Jayne: Again, disappointing celebrity turn out at the 2010 TVB Anniversary. But what did you think of the fashions? Which was your favorite dress?

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  • Readers' Comments (6)

    1. Aly says:

      The show was boring because so many stars were missing! I think the best dressed was also Dodo and I like Janet Chow’s as well. It was a simple gown, but it was very elegant and she pulled it off very well :)

    2. Jayne says:

      Aly your taste and mine seem to be the same! Overall, the Miss HK gowns seemed to be on a budget. Will post about Taipei Golden Horse Awards soon. Much better gown quality there….

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Disaster! Disaster! Disaster!

      Except for Eric Tsang.At least he looks flamboyant.

    4. advo says:

      I thought Fala was best looking for the night. The dress doesn’t look of much on your picture, but on screen she looked fabulous. The hair was youthful, the necklace was modern and matched her dress wonderfully.

      I did also like Nancy’s outfit. It was a little over-the-top for my taste, but I liked how it was different and well-fitted.

      Didn’t care for anything else. Liza and Dodo wore extravagant jewellery as usual, but I never like any of their dresses. I actually think the third hostess (can’t recall her name) is the best dressed of the three women who host these events.

      Kate’s dress was so unbelievable tacky. The worst thing was how uncomfortable she was in it. There was an unbelievable high amount of “prom dresses” – tacky, cheap-looking and barbie-colours. Not only was the show a let down, so was the fashion.

    5. advo says:

      As for the male side – I noticed Michael Tse looked incredible. His entire ensemble was very well-fitted. He looked absolutely great. I also enjoyed Vincent Wong’s grey suit, black dress shirt and white butterfly.

      So happy to see some well-dressed men! I loved Raymond Lam to death, but dear lord, he has an awful, awful style!

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