2010 TVB Sales Presentation

By on November 19, 2010
2010 TVB Sales Presentation

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TVB artists dressed up in their evening wear at the November 2010 Sales Presentation. Next year’s series were presented to advertisers at the event. From now until the TVB Anniversary Awards, expect nothing but dazzling jewels, plunging necklines, and the best eye candy!

Linda Chung’s fuchsia dress was my favorite dress of the night! I’m obsessed with one-shoulder dresses right now! Nancy Wu’s dress was cut out strategically, but the S & M influence was a little too much. Nancy ’s make-up was also too washed-out, making her look pale.

Make a Statement!

Koni Lui has continued to make fashion headlines since wearing her plunging red dress at the 2010 Mr. Hong Kong Contest. Koni looked regal and sexy in this rusty dress (perhaps custom designed for her). The sparkly diamonds were courtesy of Emperor Watch & Jewelry.

Kayi Cheung, Janet Chow, Lily Ho, and Christine Kuo all looked lovely in their dresses. Lily’s sparkling turquoise gown was my second favorite dress of the night! Very festive, yet vibrant dress! Christine’s dress appeared to be made of a cotton material which I found too casual for the occasion.

Samantha Ko looked like a Greek goddess and soon-to-be bride, Skye Chan, looked lovely in this Salmon sequined dress. Skye proves that happiness makes a woman appear more beautiful!

Classic Black & White

Riding a popularity peak after the release of Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>, Moses Chan made a fashionable entrance with long-time rumored girlfriend, Bernice Liu. Sporting a military-inspired jacket, Moses surprisingly looked great unshaven with some facial hair. Call it raw masculinity!

Fala Chen decided to keep her sexiness under wraps at the TVB Sales Presentation and save it for the Anniversary and Awards ceremonies instead. Nevertheless, with her vibrant smile, Fala often manages to make the plainest outfits look good!

Room for More Improvement

Kate Tsui’s red dress and red stockings clashed with each other. Switching to a black dress would have been better. I do like her furry pumps though! Ron Ng goes “Scottish” with the green plaid scarf, which he left tucked untidily. Tavia Yeung’s dress was nice, but the headband and hairstyle made her appear to step out from the 1960s.

Susan Tse’s shawl dress reminded me of something that Elizabeth Taylor would wear. Michael Tse appeared trendy, but underdressed while Grace Wong “padded up” for the occasion. Kenneth Ma sported a laughable perm and disappointing wardrobe choice, while Kevin Cheng found new love in hats due to his skinhead hairstyle.

Normally, I am a fan of corset dresses, but the shiny taffeta fabric in Queenie Chu’s dress reminds me of a big curtain! Liza Wang has a penchant for bold designs. The dress is passable, but pairing it with the gold belt and black fishnet stockings made it look cheap. Her bright pink lipstick almost glowed neon!

Jayne: Which was your favorite outfit at the 2010 TVB Sales Presentation?

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  • Readers' Comments (7)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Either they look understated or overboard, make up all wrong, or hair all wrong, even with expensive dress not glamarous enough, all fashion is horrible in some ways. Bernice looks pregnant, Moses looks like Bernice did something to him prior to the show, Fala looks ok but too understated, where is the glamour? It seems the big thing is the jewelry they wear but the fashion is the focus and none of the jewelry compliment the fashion. Sometimes less as in less jewelry is more. Linda looks underwhelmed and the dress is so 80s. Tavia looks good, unfortunately the belt should go higher and the headband should be banned and replaced with something dangling on her hair.

      Frankly if this is like a glamour event, I see none the glamour but all amateurs.

    2. Jayne says:

      Budget and lack of designer endorsement is a big reason why the actresses wore the dresses they did. I guess the stars decide themselves what to wear, without the help of professional stylists and make-up artists.

      Thanks to Albert Yeung’s Emperor Watch & Jewelry this year, many actresses were dripping in diamonds. Despite the bling, the jewelry designs were quite over-the-top and do not match with the gowns necessarily.

      Agree that TVB artists are amateurs when it comes to these red carpet events. The Golden Horse displayed a lot more elegance! Hope to post article about the event soon.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Jayme, budget could be an issue. But even fa-dans and all dressed so terribly bad, and they have budget. They have millions of dollars worth of jewelry on their neck and all. Maybe the hierarchy is like this when it comes to designer dress for stars;

      1. oscars gets first pick
      2. golden globe
      3. emmy
      4. cannes
      5. bafta
      6. golden horse
      7. everybody else line up here or pay to get first choice.

    4. pandamao says:

      koni’s dress was hot!!! the color looks great on her.

    5. advo says:

      I might agree that Linda’s dress is the best but that honestly doesn’t say much because all the dresses were terrible. Plus, she evens it out by having the worst makeup of the night! Nancy’s overall makeup isn’t good, but her eye-makeup is perfect.

    6. Nana says:

      Overall, I like Linda Chung’s dress. I like that ruffled one strap dress. That’s my favorite color but her makeup is terrible. She’s only 26, why make her look like she’s in her 50s. Her lipstick is the same color. If you’re wearing a really bold color you need to go nuetral on makeup. Nancy just looks a bit off. She don’t look comfortable at all. Fala looks good in anything. Her sweet smile and cute dimples are the greatest accessories.

      I agree that Kate Tsui is too matchy. I like that red dress. Either you wear it without legging or you wear black ones. Moses actually looks good with that masculine military jacket. He looks better unshaven!!! Bernice just looks like she gave birth to 2-4 kids. Her dress is fine if she put a tight belt around her waist. She looks like a barrel. What happen to her sexy dresses???

      Skye’s dress is very cute but look like it’s for a high school prom. Also what’s up with the casual dressing for the gents??? What’s up with those scarfs???

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