2010 Ultimate Song Chart Awards

By on January 8, 2011
2010 Ultimate Song Chart Awards

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The end of the year is marked by a frenzy of Hong Kong music awards events. Held a week after the 2010 Metro Radio Hits Awards was the 2010 Ultimate Song Chart Awards. With only a dozen awards given out at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards, the number of artists who made appearances was significantly less. There were definitely more fashion “misses” than “hits” at the event!


Joey Yung has predictably swept the top female singer awards in 2010. Receiving the top honor of “Ultimate Female Singer Gold Award,” Joey was dressed for the part in a gold dress with a sweeping black train. The outfit spelled a “diva attitude” and Joey showed her spunk by pairing it with laced combat boots.


Leo Ku was the best dressed male at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards, opting for a flattering long, brown leather coat that was masculine and seasonally appropriate.

Miriam Yeung looked like a Greek goddess in an elegant white gown that was tastefully accented with a matching gold belt and wrist cuffs. Gold platform heels completed the effect. White is a hot winter color to wear!


Like the 2010 Metro Hits Awards, Kay Tse again wore white at the 2010 Ultimate Song Chart Awards. Unlike her previous bridal ensemble, this knee-length dress was a much more appropriate choice. Although Kay’s feather necklace was interesting, a crystalline necklace would have been a better choice.

Is the stress of the music awards events getting to Hins Cheung? He looks so tired these days!


The below outfits scream for attention and the artists were right that they would make it to the news headlines. Is negative press still better than no press?

Is Eric Suen wearing a bathrobe?! Fortunately, he didn’t wear his home slippers to the event!

Did Andy Hui borrow his pink sweater from good friend, Sammi Cheng? The chunky sweater looks just like Sammi’s style and she would look even better wearing it than Andy!

Ella Koon’s “Mary Poppins” inspired outfit actually had positive Hong Kong media coverage, but I just couldn’t buy it! A flared cape that resembles Mary’s umbrella? Bowling shoes? An Ikea flower? Better save it for Halloween!

Pakho Chau may be one of the hottest hunks in the music industry these days, but his preference for loose, unflattering clothes and “Elvis” hair really does nothing for his looks!


With Hollywood churning out superhero movies one after another, the cape has made a big comeback on the fashion scene. Eason Chan’s fashion sense may be described as “dynamic” and making a “lasting impression” as his onstage persona typifies. Seriously, Eason’s outfit would have looked better without the big jewelry.

I will not mince my words: Ivana Wong looks like she went “dumpster diving” to put together her outfit. Are those drawstring chords hanging out of her dress?! Who would wear a dress with a white drawstring chord hanging out like a laundry bag? The oversized heels have a cartoonish effect and may have worked with a simple black dress or leggings, but definitely not Ivana’s dress!

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  • Readers' Comments (10)

    1. Danielle says:

      Joey’s dress is gorgeous!

      Ivana’s and Ella’s are so bad they hurt my eyes. Ouch.

    2. tammy says:

      Joey and Leo Ku look presentable and easy on eyes.Eason looks like Vampire Dracula.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Joey yung agreed! She looks like a diva . Maybe some chunky jewelry would give it an even more dramatic look?

    4. iampheng says:

      I can’t believe my eyes…those last few outfits are hideous!! Why??? What in the world were these artists thinking going into the public eye in such horrifying ensembles mistaken to be clothing?? I hope they were cited by the fashion police…

    5. Luvfashion says:

      I agree the top half of Joey’s dress is not bad, however the curtain drape I do not care for. It’s way too long and looks somewhat homemade. And the rest need to fired their stylists. What’s wrong with hk stars, why don’t they just dress normal for once. They try so hard to stand out and be different, they just end up looking ridiculous! The girls have gotten a lot better but the guys are just absolutely horrible.

    6. Nana says:

      My eyes are in pain! What are they thinking about? They’re a walking joke. Joey’s dress shouldn’t be on the best dress. It’s ridiculous. She looks like eason chan. Also why does hong kong guys wear leggings and extremely tight pants? Don’t they know they look so gay. I don’t mean the gay guys because they dress nice I meant the term gay. Also the hong kong girls wears xtra large clothing that you can’t see if they have any curves which I know they’re flat front and back. Sorry to say this. All these clothes should go into the donation. They look exactly like bum clothes.

    7. Nana says:

      Actually I think that these clothes looks like gaga would wear and I know how much hong kong people adore gaga. That Ivana wong looks like she just rolled out of her bed bringing her bed sheets along with her to this ceremony. What a shame!!! Japanese girls tries to look cute while Korean girls try to look sexy and hong kong girls are fighting to be the ugliest.

    8. Judy says:

      oh goodness, this looks like a halloween competition. Who dresses these people?

    9. LOOO says:

      WHy does joey yung have to pair such a pretty dress with such ugly shoes

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