2011 Hong Kong Film Awards

By on April 20, 2011
2011 Hong Kong Film Awards

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Although the Hong Kong Film Awards is the biggest red-carpet event in Hong Kong, this year’s awards ceremony yielded few fashion gems and mostly safe monochrome strapless gowns, followed by a handful of wardrobe disasters.


At the 30th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards, Carina Lau wore a spectacular white Versace gown that drew eyes upon the Best Actress all evening. The halter-style gown had eye-catching gold ribbon detail in the back, which snaked in the front and gathered in silky, frothy layers at the hem, displaying her lengthy legs. Carina accessorized with an equally stunning diamond necklace and bracelet. The only complaint is that Carina should have worn better figure-shaping underwear to cinch her waist in a bit more. Some profile photos show an unflattering belly protrusion, which sparked some tabloid rumors that she was pregnant!



As a guest presenter at the Hong Kong Film Awards later in the program, Carina changed into a blue mermaid style dress with rhinestone detail. While this gown was more predictable in design, the cutting was more structured and more flattering on Carina’s body rather than the body-clinging Versace gown.

Angelababy shows her normal good fashion sense; her dress was bridal beautiful and had a textured, horizontal ribboned effect. However, the mermaid cut typically looks better on taller and more voluptous frames. Personally, I felt this gown would have looked better on Carina Lau.

Miriam Yeung wore a fantastic black Stephane Rolland Couture gown with a sculpted collar. The gown is extremely elegant, although it may be more suitable for older actresses due to its minimalist and mature look.

Rose Chan’s dress had an interesting two-tone effect thanks to the subtle fabric pattern and shiny gold ribbon panels in the bodice.  The dress by itself was quite bold so there was no need for Rose to drown herself in jewels. She should have also swept the bangs off her face for a simple, elegant look.


JJ Jia looked pleasant enough in a pale pink gown that displayed her cleavage. It had a nice belt design to cinch the waist and flow into a dreamy skirt.

Tang Wei often prefers classic shapes and clean lines in her red-carpet gowns and this Escada dress was no exception. Tang Wei’s strong bone structure, sharp jawline, tall figure with protruding shoulders give off a somewhat masculine feel. I think Tang Wei would benefit in wearing softer fabrics, similiar to Kara Hui’s flowing shapes.


Kay Tse and Kara Hui both looked glamorous by wearing classic, clean lines and accessorizing appropriately. The final looks were very balanced and pleasing.

You can’t go wrong with Lin Peng’s black and white gown, which had a flattering fit for most body types.


Although Kate Tsui and Ella Koon are both 31-years-old, they come across as much younger! Perhaps their normal wardrobe choices in clingy shapes and short skirts add to their youthful, sexy feel. Love, love the romantic, sweeping skirts in Kate and Ella’s dresses! The teal green color is very flattering on Kate, but I must point out the triangle cut-out shape is best reserved for a swimsuit or monokini! Ella’s tangerine dress is young and beautiful, although the white belt nearly ruined it!


Janice Man received the Best Dressed Award at the 30th Annual Film Awards and it was easy to see why. She shined in a simple white gown with long flowing hair. Fiona Sit looked beautiful in a youthful flowered dress as well!


Perhaps Coco Chiang’s silk tie-dye dress was slightly too casual for the Hong Kong Film Awards, but I inexplicably fell in love with this pink dress, which would have looked perfect at a summer film festival! Chrissie Chau chose a plunging black gown with rhinestone detail, a combination that is virtually fail-proof!


Zhou Xun’s Chanel fringe-flapper gown somehow looks matronly on her. Was it the the hair or Zhou Xun old-world features? She should find inspiration in Barbie Xu, who also sports the same petite frame and delicate beauty, but looks ravishing at red carpet events.

Michelle Ye’s black Christian Dior gown was extremely unflattering and aged her looks! Michelle possesses a long upper torso and should stay away from extremely low-cut necklines that remotely suggests sagging boobs such as this dress! I think she would look much better in a strapless gown with a structured bodice and full skirt.


Why did Cecilia Cheung and Vicki Zhao hide their vitality behind frompy, shapeless dresses? Were they afraid of showing a little flab in their middle? Nicholas Tse looked dashing in all white, but Cecilia should have given this matronly black dress with rainbow collar to his mother, Deborah Dik, to wear instead!  


I found Angelica Lee’s Dolce and Gabbana dress to be truly cringe worthy and deserving of the “Matron of Honor” title! Brown flowers and vintage lace panels? The combination made Angelica look like a 1950s American housewife in her sunflower dress!

I don’t know if Esther Kwan is a frugal shopper or just a woman totally unaware of what clothes look good on her. When Nick Cheung won the Best Actor Award and she was his arm candy, she wore a matronly black dress with a purple, granny lace wrap.  The bright green color in the above dress is acceptable, but the button detail at the waist and the black stitching on the gown, coupled with Esther’s hair, made her look dated and old!



Josie Ho may have known that top honors would be going to Carina Lau at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards, but did that mean she had to go with “uncombed” hair and not bothering to even put on a bra underneath her Haider Ackermann dress? Jasmine Chow normally glows standing next to husband, Chow Yun Fat. She looked good in her lemon-colored outfit, full of vitality and the clothes flattered her figure. However, the outfit was more fitting for Sunday church rather than a major awards ceremony. 



Angie Chiu normally prefers elegant pieces, so I was taken by surprise by silver dress and the sharp, angular shoulder pads. Shirley Kwan’s dress looked like overalls and the peek-a-boo shapes may have tempted many people to tickle her in the middle that evening! 


Every year, there is an artist that wants to wear sneakers to an awards ceremony. Li Yuchun certainly grabbed headlines in her Jean Paul Gaultier outfit and dared to be different.

Sa Dingding’s over-the-top dress gets my vote for Worst Dressed! Her performance outfits are usually outlandish and this dress made her look like an ethnical dance performer. Ms. Sa, please save this outfit for your next concert!

Jayne: Do share your opinions on the fashion displayed at the 30th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards!

Which dress would I personally wear to red-carpet event? Probably JJ Jia’s dress because it is such a safe, flattering choice and if I wanted to have more fun dressing up, I like Rose Chan’s dress, which is bolder and more playful.

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. [...] this article: 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards Tags: carina, dolce and gabbana, fashion, jean paul gaultier, jj jia, kay tse, miriam yeung, [...]

      • penny brown says:

        ”Looks like:
        ”Angie’s sholder pads are like those in star-trek.”
        ”Fat Gor wife’s kit looks like one of the power-Rangers.”
        ”Yuchun in clown costume.”
        ”Dingding arrive from a fancy dress ball, its not yet 12”
        ”Shirley’s tailor fall short on fabric.”
        Esther is missin’ a string of pearl necklace during valentines and Nick forgotten to pickup his tuxedo from the dry cleaners so mix-match Dan-D-Xi, no role no fee.”
        ”Cecila and Nic just came straight from an indian wedding, no chicken no curry”
        ”Kay, Kara and Peng had return from the salon, brazil Job or no job” ”.

    2. pandamao says:

      I actually liked Esther’s look. She’s the girl next door type. The dress is what I had a problem with though. Emerald green is just not a color I see people wearing now.

      The dress I would wear: Angelababy or JJ
      The make-up/look: Janice Man
      Overall best dressed: Kara Hui

      Worst dressed: Kate Tsui. The material looks cheap and I label her whole look as, “trying too hard”
      Honorable Mention for worst: Tang Wei. It looks too heavy.

      • Jayne says:

        Pandamao, Tang Wei’s could be better…hehe but you really find it worst than Shirley Kwan, who looks like she misplaced her shirt? Or Sa Dingding?

        • pandamao says:

          Sa Ding Ding and Shirley Kwan were there as performing guest. To me, Tang Wei tried to be elegant but failed. Shirley and DD were just there to put on a show.

          All were awful, just Tang Wei was worst, IMO. hehe

    3. Fox says:

      I actually think the bang of Rose Chan fits her :D .

      Li and Sa made themselves look like clown in the circle. I saw Li with better fashion sense, maybe it dun work this time.

      I think if Michelle shorten her dress, she’ll look younger. Her hairdo and Esther’s both make themselves look like aunts.

      Kate Tsui should choose a better dress. The top is ok but the bottom is =.0.

      Angelababy has the most beautiful dress. She looks princess alike.

      • pandamao says:

        Michelle’s boob area was too low and tight. I thought her boobs were sagging already.

        • donniedon says:

          nice lookin’ dresses, what a waste of fabrics on those with little curve… bodies and dresses don’t seem to bring out elegance so to speak high street rather than high courture!!

    4. Aly says:

      I personally would like Janice Man’s dress or Angelababy’s dress. They both looked very elegant. I also like Ella’s dress, especially the style. However, I think that color is hard to pull off if it blends in too much with your skintone.
      Those were my favorites. Carina and Kara looked good too. I wonder if Kara has a special stylist because she’s been looking great at the award ceremonies. I like her look here and I especially liked her in the last TVB awards ceremony with her hair tied up and in her pink dress. She’s been looking younger everyday!

      Worst dressed? I would have to say Angie Chiu (so 80′s looking) and Sa Dingding. What the…
      Also, Cecilia’s dress makes me feel that she has something to hide. Maybe she really is pregnant afterall. C’mon, just because you’re married, you don’t need to dress that conservatively. But, I did notice that those accompanied by their husbands showed less skin or hardly any: Cecilia, Angie, Miriam, Jasmine, Esther, etc. And those that didn’t have their husbands with them were more free to wear what they want- Carina, Josie, Kay..and showed more skin. :)

    5. Chriselle says:

      Agreed! Carina always has a good sense of fashion. Jayne, do you now if they always get sponsors for their dresses or do they have to pay for it out of their own pockets?

      When I first saw the HKFA show, I was surprised and laughed at how the two guys helped carried the bottom of Kate’s dress as it was too long. I didn’t like Kate and Ella’s dresses too much, but it has this summery and relaxing feel that I like very much. Perhaps I didn’t like it at first because it didn’t feel as appropriate for the awards show. Maybe a little bit too simple?

      JJ Jia’s dress is very pretty and cute.

      However, I didn’t like Fiona’s hair or dress. It looks rather cheap to me and her hair seemed like a mess.

      Josie’s dress seems to saggy and has no clear line to show off her body. Sometimes, I really don’t understand these actresses choose their dresses, lol.

      Personally, because I’m too short, I wouldn’t be able to wear any of these dresses, but my overall favorites were probably Kate, Ella, JJ Jia, and Kay.

    6. pingq says:

      I can’t bear to look at who’s holding Nic’s hand..is that really Cecilia? She looks like she borrow a local trash bag and puts it over herself with a line of orange peals. What the hell Nic! Could’ve advised your wife man!

    7. sky says:

      super ugly dress: Cecilia Cheung….i guess Nic Tse got no taste in style and fashion since he allowed her to wear that crappy thing.

    8. blqckjack says:

      Nic tse is super hot in the white suit. lol the ladies are just mess ? lol k not all but mostly

    9. fashionforward says:

      some girls looks good and some don’t I think Chrissie Chau, Janice Man and Kara Hui looks good. Kara Hui looks really good for her age which i don’t know how old she is. Carina Lau really looks like my boyfriend’s cousin. However, I want my future husband to wear what Nic Tse is wearing. Looks so nice. Chow yan fat looks so much better than his wife. angelica lee’s husband still looks good. don’t know his english name but love him in this old hong kong series.

    10. tikiana says:

      agreed with you jayne! great eye. carina looks like my bf’ bitchy cousin buuut she does look good.

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