2011 TVB Anniversary Awards

By on December 23, 2011
TVB Anniversary Nancy Wu Ruco Chan2
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I can’t write a review on the award recipients in good faith this year as I haven’t seen half of the series nominees, so instead I will write an opinion (bashing?) piece on the fashion hit and misses (more the latter than the former, as usual).
Let’s start with the better ones, since that’s a shorter list.


Nancy Wu

Reminds me a lot of Isabella Leong’s get-up at a past awards show, in a good way. Although I don’t like the cake-icing detail on the top, I’m glad that she’s finally not wearing a deep V-neck. The cut of the dress highlights her slender figure and despite the color, she doesn’t look washed out thanks to her bold red lipstick. Very old Hollywood glam, although I’m not crazy about the hair – she should have done something similar to Linda’s hair or gone with a side-swept updo.  Ruco looks awards-appropriate as well.

Matt Yeung

Best Dressed Male of the night with a traditional black-on-black suit but with a bit of detail in that fur thing on the side of his jacket.  Also appreciate that the hair doesn’t look too crazy.

Natalie Tong

Sweet, feminine and a good color for her, the dress was age-appropriate, highlighted her thin frame and her hairstyle was great too. Best dressed female of the night among slim pickings.

Vincent Wong

At first glance, he reminded me of the circus tiger man but I quickly got used to it. He looks festive and dapper and obviously his height helps significantly.


Liza Wang

Warning: looking at this for more than 30 seconds will potentially cause seizures.

Bosco Wong

Look at the photo – need I say more? I’m embarrassed on his behalf. Myolie, I can’t believe you let him out of the house looking like that.  Kate doesn’t look too bad although in this photo you can’t see her shoes, which were all wrong.

Sharon Chan

While the cut of the dress accents her super-long legs, the material, the black-lace corset-style bosom area, as well as the tacky crystal-on-black-suede shoes – which you can’t see in this photo, but that might be a good thing – make her look like someone who has a night job (if you know what I mean).

Kevin Cheng

Call me old school but red suits?! Urghhhhhhhh. I feel bad that he had to accept the top award in this outfit! At least everyone knows these awards are just a show.


Tavia Yeung has never been a good dresser at these things and this year was no exception. Pick one, Tavs – either do the sparkly dress or the bling. Doing both makes you look tacky. And seriously, the nose is getting very distracting these days. Poor Tavia. I had to laugh when Wayne Lai appeared… the things you wear once you win TVB Best Actor. The crazy hair! The white-top-black-bottom outfit with the tuxedo vest inside! Oh boy. But then again – if you’re Wayne Lai, who cares what you wear?

Kenneth Ma was actually one of the better dressed males (compared to Ron Ng who looked like he was headed for a consultant interview). The Grasshopper members look like they’re on their way to perform at a concert (in a good way).

Linda Chung’s dress was Vegas meets Tinkerbell, but in the sea of drab or plain Fashion tonight, she was one of the better ones. I also love her hair, although I think it makes her look older than her age. The cut of Kate Tsui’s dress is bold and stylish and the hair matches it, but the shoes are all wrong.

Cilla Kung looked like she was about to go trick-or-treating as a fairy, and Michael Tse, Raymond Wong and Wong Cho Lam looked like they were going for a round of golf with some old men.

I’m not a fan of feathers so I didn’t like Myolie’s dress, although her hair and accessories were quite nice. Dodo Cheng was mediocre.

And that’s it for the fashion review!  With that, I will end with one of my favourite photos of the night, which shows that despite everything wrong with TVB nowadays, there’s still some genuine camaraderie among the artists.

Myolie Wu, the current fa dans and female artists, after her Best Actress win is announced.

This review was written by Bridget, a Contributing Writer at JayneStyle.com.

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  • Readers' Comments (20)

    1. Jayne says:

      Agree with your overall fashion assessment for the TVB Anniversary Awards night.

      Nancy Wu was absolutely gorgeous! Did she and Myolie go shopping together? Nancy wore the better dress though….

      I also liked Linda Chung’s dress a lot; if there were more detail to her tull dress (perhaps at the hem), the dress would have been nicer. The gold top of Fala Chen’s dress look similar, although Fala’s is a halter top. They class in color and and dress detail in this sense.

      Selena Li picked the right dress for herself. She looked confident and tanned in her one-shoulder drape dress.

      The men, no one outstanding. Moses’ tuxedo was a very safe choice, however the fitting was impeccable. Thus, I choose him as the Best Dressed Man of the night.

      Saw several big bow ties among the men; not a fan of bow ties. Not many can carry them without looking too “uncle” or over-dressed.

      • Yee says:

        I liked Fala and Linda the best. To me no matter what they always look good in their anniversay dresses. Except 09 for Linda. Falls dress would be nicer if it wasn’t at such an awkward length. She wore another dress for another award show which she should have for this one. I’m not a bIg fan of feathers too so I didn’t really like Myolie’s dress.

        • paulma says:

          Like Fala but not her dialect.
          Dislike Linda and also her voice.
          TVB alt pay more atention and support their performers with clothe vouchers or hire or change their style consultants/designers…really lack taste and chic, only 1 out of 10 look smart: Sharon looks hot, the men look if they came from the pass.

    2. Jayne says:

      I also wanted to add that I thought Tavia’s dress fit her nicely, although there was too much bling between her necklace and dress, her dress still looked nice.

      Liza Wang looked like she worked on a bee farm collecting honey, with her mesh hat. Crazy outfit that would have been more suitable for her concert.

    3. Jadio says:

      Hahaha! Tavia’s nose IS distracting! Hahaha

    4. vivien says:

      did you guys know linda wore the exact same dress as the one taylor swift was wearing last year?

    5. TVBaddict says:

      I don’t know if I have gone insane or not but I don’t know why I kind of like (???) Bosco’s outfit. o.O Take me as out of my right mind, but his outfit is actually really casual but still looks good enough to enter the venue… And I didn’t mind Wayne’s suit… quite nice in my opinion haha…

      Oh my gosh and Myolie was gorgeous… Her outfit fit her so perfectly and her hair was so pretty… however I didn’t really like Linda’s outfit, it didn’t match her very well… Not sure why… I like the dress itself but just not with her body maybe… I also really liked Sharon’s dress… yeah she looked a little “lady of the night-y” but suits her well and very sexy :)

    6. sure-lee says:

      I really liked Linda’s dress and hair ! So pretty~~~

    7. Aly says:

      I’m not a fan of feathers either, but Myolie’s dress actually turned out very nice and matched her very well. Fala’s dress reminded me a lot of the one that Gwyneth Paltrow wore earlier in the year I think either at the Oscars or Golden Globes, but I think it would look more elegant if it was longer in the front, draping to the floor instead. Linda’s old Hollywood glam turned out very nice as well and her hair and makeup matched up well. Tavia struggles with her choice of dresses, but I think this was actually one of her better ones. Kate’s dress reminds me too much of her dress last year, also black and white, so nothing special about it. I think Natalie Tong’s dress choices for the anniversary and awards are quite nice this year. She should have worn this last year when she won Most Improved last year rather than that prom looking pink dress.

      As for the men, I did not like any of the hot fav’s for best actor’s outfits. Wayne looked like he was a star stuck with the 80′s look, looks “lo tou” , Kevin and Michael’s outfit didn’t look good this year either. Bosco’s look was tacky in my opinion with the necklaces he was wearing. Moses and Ruco were probably the more decent ones.

    8. Stars says:


    9. cocosayhi says:

      lol kevin’s suit and pants blends in with the red carpet

    10. carman ly says:

      love linda and kate…. Nice dress..

    11. Bonnie says:

      I’m not a big fan of Myolie’s acting, but I have to wonder if she’s hired a stylist lately as she has become more popular. Even if they are not to my taste, her outfits lately have fit her extremely well. They have been sexy in a tasteful way, and very age appropriate too (as in, she looks very womanly instead of girlish).

    12. YanYanKong says:

      I love Kate’s dress. I like how Kate wears one of a kind dresses for these events. I really want her dress. It’s so simple but very beautiful! Nancy Wu’s dress was really pretty too. It’s very elegant and queen like.

    13. Hhannah says:

      I love Myolie and Linda’s dress and hairdo. HOT!!!

    14. tikiana says:

      Where is raymond lam? Liza wang just look like the TVB trophy herself. she usually dress so expensive. what happened to her? i think Bosco wouldn’t mind dressing as a female. his fashion sense scares me. i’m so happy for myolie. i never get to watch any of these award shows or pageants. i like linda’s dress and natalie tong’s dress. kate just looks hot with those killer eyes.

    15. Karen says:

      I liked Linda, Selena and Natalie’s dress… they were prettty

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