2012 Golden Horse Awards

By on November 27, 2012
The 49th Golden Horse Awards

ILAN, TAIWAN - NOVEMBER 24: (CHINA OUT)   | read this item

The 49th Golden Horse Awards took place in Taipei on November 24. The awards ceremony was long and laborious, with Chiling Lin providing one of the few scandalous moments. Easily the best dressed in an Atelier Versace white strappy dress, Chiling was criticized for acting obscenely when she closed her eyes and gave a fake kiss to host, Huang Bo. Regardless, Chiling has always picked gowns that highlight the curves of her figure well and she did not disappoint at the Golden Horse Awards.

Angelababy and Stephen Fung have been promoting their martial arts film franchise, Tai Chi, across Asia. Angelababy glows in a dress from the Elie Saab 2012 Fall Collection. Although the gown looked too mature for the 23-year-old, the cut did cling to her chest and hips accordingly.

Sandrine Pinna exuded classic glamour in a Burberry Prorsum gold lace dress. The structured bodice with its demi cups appeared ill-fitting on Sandrine’s chest, otherwise the gown drapes beautifully from the waist down. Sandrine completed the look with beautiful strappy gold heels.

Denise Ho commanded attention in her raspberry-colored Alexander McQueen dress with cinched belt. The gown has a deceptively simple drape and clean bodice, and Denise kept her accessories to a minimum. Her blonde hair and glamorous eye makeup suited the look perfectly.

Although Gwei Lun Mei won the Best Actress award for her performance in Girlfriend, Boyfriend, her Alexander McQueen gown was an underwhelming choice. Denise Ho’s gown easily stole more attention with its bold color, while Angelababy and Sandrine Pinna’s gowns out-sparkled Gwei Lun Mei’s flat palette.

Sonia Sui’s aqua and black ruffled dress was an interesting choice, but not exactly red carpet standard. The loud color choice simply reminds you of a nylon bi-colored jogging set.

Dada Chen’s dress was ill-fitting on her, as the cups in her bodice were obviously made for a slimmer figure. The dress’ rounded feathery bottom immediately made me think of an ostrich.

Amy Kwok and Sean Lau dressed conservatively, although Sean ended up taking the Best Actor award home for his performance in Life Without Principle. Amy has always worn black at red carpet events and her appearance at the Golden Horse Awards were underwhelming and somewhat matronly.

Between Sean Lau and Andy Lau, Andy’s fashionable navy suit was the red carpet winner. Andy has acquired a taste for fine suits for every occasion.

The worst dressed of the evening standing side by side. Jackie Chan wears yet another Nehru collar suit with an almost comical effect. While many of Li Bingbing’s Gucci sponsored gowns look fantastic, this jade-colored silk dress made her look shapeless and sickly. A cinched belt and shortened hem would have given more balanced proportion and possibly saved the ensemble.

Image Source: China Foto Press via Getty Images

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  • Readers' Comments (6)

    1. che says:

      in the first pic of lin chiling i think her legs could have done better from maybe wearing see throung tights

    2. Nicole says:

      Amy Kwok’s outfit is suitable for her status and position. She’s there as Sean Lau’s wife, not there to promote herself and push her goods into others’ faces like Lin Chiling. It’s tastefully understated, not underwhelming and matronly.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Chiling Lin sexy. She has the body for that dress. But I am more curious about her face. Something has changed. Collagen shots into her cheeks perhaps?

      • Funn Lim says:

        Denise Ho’s dress is clumsy. I see on video how carefully she had to walk.

        Gwei Lun Mei needs more make up.

        Angelababy looks old before her time with that dress. She should wear dresses with Denise’s sort of colour.

        Sonia Sui (whoever she is) – drapes?

        Amy looks elegant and glowing whilst Sean could do with a tie or something.

        Andy’s look like a typical PSY costume! For a while I thought it looked like what Daniel Craig wore to Skyfall’s premiere.

        Li Bing Bing’s the worst. Looks matronly.

    4. TVBFanatic says:

      I like the looks of Chiling Lin’s dress, but would love to see the back of it.

      And what is up with Angelababy? I didn’t even recognize her. She looks so old.

      And I’m with you Funn… when I saw Sonia’s dress I too thought “drapes” :P

      Also not a fan of Dada’s “ostrich” dress.

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