2012 TVB Anniversary Gala

By on November 21, 2012
TVB 45th Celebration In Hong Kong

Alice Chan attends the TVB 45th Celebration on November 19, 2012 in Hong Kong, China.   | read this item

The 45th TVB Anniversary Gala kicked off to a festive start on November 19. TVB artists decked out in bold colors and shimmering gowns. The best looks of the evening were clean, classic lines that were a tribute to classic glamour.


Alice Chan was the best dressed of the night, wearing a pastel pink one shoulder gown that was subtly elegant. At 38 years old, Alice Chan still looks fresh and in great shape, a truly everlasting “Goddess” among many of TVB’s beautiful women.

Rebecca Zhu’s gray-blue dress has an appealing neckline, but her face looks pale, likely due to the pain from her back injury earlier. JJ Jia looks stunning in a dress sponsored by Kir Royal.

Good friends, Ben Wong and Kevin Cheng, wore different hues of red tuxedos, except Kevin decided to leave his socks home. Bosco Wong looked handsome in a navy plaid three-piece suit from Hackett-London, while Michael Tse did not lose his sparkle.

Sharon Chan towers over Ben Wong here due to her 5-inch high heels. Love Sharon’s glamorous makeup, but the red gown unnecessarily ages her. Selena Li looks uninspiring in a black lace and lavender dress that appears to be from several seasons ago.

Carol Cheng always makes elegant gown choices that look good on her.

Anchored by Liza Wang, we have a sea of bright hues in orange, red and yellow.

Kristal Tin wore one of many red dresses at the Anniversary Gala. She looked beautiful, but her gown did look too monochrome with an overly busy skirt.

Linda Chung’s black and white dress is a tribute to old world glamour.  The dress has few interesting details other than the split skirt and was rather plain.

Christine Kuo’s gown comes with heavy doses of pink innocence, which does not put forth her greater beauty. This gown screams Angelababy, and Christine would have benefited from wearing a gown with a simpler silhouette to show off her hour-glass figure. With the flyaway hair and pale makeup, Christine made an underwhelming impression.

Aimee Chan stands out with her thigh-high garnet sequin dress that likely had boyfriend, Moses Chan following her legs all night. A beautiful dress that not many can pull off like Aimee. Natalie Tong’s sheer pink dress is very feminine, but fades too easily into the background. Selena Li’s ”flower girl” dress dated and should never have made its appearance on the red carpet. Yoyo Chen’s dress is too busy with an overdose of pinched ruffles at the hip and train.

Christine Ng wore a bold rainbow zebra-striped sequin dress that was fun and modern, which was sponsored by Harvey Nichols. Christine’s trendy dress stood out from a sea of monochrome-colored, long-skirted gowns at the Anniversary Gala.

Shirley Yeung’s dress looks uncomfortable to wear, with a too-tight bodice and mermaid dress with pinched ruffles.


The pattern and cut of Kate Tsui’s dress, along with her feathery headgear, sent her straight back to the 1920s. A very odd wardrobe choice for Kate who has been rocking recent carpet events with more trendy choices. Raymond Lam looks beautiful on the other hand in his blue velvet suit.

Natalie Tong looks nice in an fairy-light sheer pink gown, but Ruco Chan just aged himself by at least a decade in the tapestry print jacket. The jacket belongs on a much, much older actor twice his age.

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. b0nni3 says:

      Dear Jayne!

      Kate wore that for her performance! That’s why it looks old cause her first performance was based on that!

      She always wears beautiful things so technically she wasn’t really worst dressed because she had to be prepared for her performance :)

    2. Nikki says:

      I am utterly devastated by the poor clothing choices made by TVB actors & actresses year after year after year. It is honestly such a rare occasion for me to be satisfied by one of their outfits on the red carpet. Their choices are either extremely unflattering, outdated, ugly, ridiculous, or a downright combination of all four. They need to step up their wardrobes.

      • Estuur says:

        I totally agree! Their dresses always reminds me of tacky prom dresses. Just watch the golden globes or academy awards and steal some tips from there!!!

      • Jayne says:

        Finding the right designer sponsors can be difficult. Who doesn’t want to wear Versace or Valentino? But these labels usually sponsor only big stars at international film awards, so the prom dresses may be a result of bridal studios stepping up, as was the case with JJ Jia at the TVB Anniversary Gala.

        • Nikki says:

          I was always under the impression that stars were allowed access to any designer, not just the ones who sponsor them. But regardless of whether or not their designer choices are limited, I would assume that they all would have some sense in fashion? I mean, even if they don’t have access to Versace or Valentino, I’m pretty sure other designers would offer flattering, appealing pieces, right? They just keep failing to find what’s flattering for them and that’s what disappoints me.

    3. che says:

      i really like JJ and Natalie tong’s dresses but although i like christines dresses it oesn’t really suit her it would have suited Leanne li sire ma or Cilla kung(lok tung) more

    4. anonymous says:

      I’m not judging the judges opinion but personally I think Selena’s dress is knida cute

    5. Funn Lim says:

      Linda Chung – Fail! She needs a professional fashion consultant, pronto!

      The rest, no comment.

    6. TVBFanatic says:

      For me, JJ’s dress wins the night.

      Worst dress of the night? Aimee… to me it was more of a cocktail dress than an awards show dress. She had to shove her hands into her nether regions when sitting just to keep her dignity.

    7. TVBFanatic says:

      Oh.. and I really did not like Natalie’s sheer pink dress. The sheer nature of the bottom half was distracting and pulled the eyes away.

    8. MamyPoko says:

      some of the actresses wore the gown like they are attending masquerade party in the high end hotel >.<

    9. Vivi says:

      All the actress dress alike, same long wedding grown dresses and puff up hair do. ..I expect to have more character in their dressing!

    10. Perfexto says:

      Raymond Lam does look stunning!

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