Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010

By on November 6, 2010
Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010

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Past winners of Miss Hong Kong made guest appearances at the 2010 pageant. Wearing a stunning bustier red gown, Monica Chan proved that beauty grows with age. Tracy Ip wore an elegant champagne dress and paired it with a beautiful necklace and accessories.

Christine Au Yeung’s dress was too busy, with many design elements competing for attention, from the black bustier insert panel, crinkled bodice, overwhelming ruffles, and skirt detail. Although Fala Chen’s dress fit her like a glove, the design was too mature and would look better on an older woman. The puffed, draping sleeves are reminiscent of 1980s prom dresses. Annie Liu’s dress had a more modern line and great sparkle. Wearing a more vibrant lipstick would have prevented the washed-out look.

Miss Hong Kong 2009: Wild for Attention?

The peacock feathers in Germaine Lee’s dress were too wild for the elegant occasion of the pageant. Sandy Lau’s gold and white dress looked fine from the waist up, but the gathered white skirt and bow and a metallic gold underskirt were too busy. Mizuni Hung’s dark navy gown was uninspiring.

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    1. advo says:

      Tracy’s dress is actually really good. And her necklace looks perfect with it.

      • Bruna says:

        Hey, Wendy!!I couldn’t help but laugh as I read along the post … I rembmeer you taught some Hokkien words at the meet-up! I totally misunderstood them, just like what happened to you initially … Man, Hokkien sounds SO, SO different from Cantonese! Haha! Even with my Teochew mom, me a Cantonese still can understand it a little bit … If I really end up living with a Hokkien man for my whole life, I’m so gonna teach him Cantonese and vice versa … It’s fun what … Actually, I think Mike speaks REALLY good Canto … Seriously!Mmmm … I want your dumplings lar … They look so well-made!!! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!! 端午節快樂!!! Eat more dumplings arr … I’m so gonna stuff myself with 粽 till round round and fat fat … Hahaha!!

      • I see, I suppose that would have to be the case.

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