Mr. Hong Kong 2010

By on November 6, 2010
Mr. Hong Kong 2010

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Koni Lui’s dress was custom-made for her by designer friend, Alex Lam. Koni’s cleavage was revealed to maximize effect. Despite the plunging neckline, many people wondered how Koni’s breasts remained so firm and did not bounce throughout the entire evening of Mr. Hong Kong 2010? As revealed by Alex Lam, a built-in corset sewn into the bodice was the key to boosting Koni’s cleavage. Koni tried on the dress several times and necessary alternations were made to ensure the perfect fit. Extra tape made sure nothing would slip out!

Samantha Ko also looked the siren in a red dress with sparkly detail. With Samantha’s stunning figure, she would have looked amazing in Koni’s dress too!

The Mr. Hong Kong competitions are similar to bachelorette parties with a lively atmosphere. Aside from Koni Lui, the other MC’s, Mandy Lieu, Carol Cheng, Christine Ng, and Ella Koon sported fun, flirtatious styles as well. Carol displayed her usual great taste and wore an orange dress with beautiful ruffles. Christine’s dress had an interesting mix of sheer fabric and fringe.  Reminds me of an exotic black swan!

Did friends, Tracy Ip and Vivien Yeo, exchange great make-up tips too? Their eye-make-up were impeccable!  Tracy accessorized with nice sparkly bracelets that complemented her white dress. Vivien’s black dress did not truly stand out, but her accessorizes, beautiful make-up, and hair still made her look like a million dollars!

Rabee’a Yeung’s make-up was a bit heavy and her metallic dress with ruffled detail made her appear heavy on top. Perhaps it’s the sitting angle, either Christine Kuo gained weight or her dress was an ill fit.

Miss Hong Kong 2010: No Budget for Gowns?

Sammi Cheung, Toby Chan, Lisa Chong, and Crystal Li’s dresses leave a lot to be desired. Toby’s “old lace” number, Sammi’s ill fitting dress, and Lisa’s plain gold dress made you wonder why TVB did not get any apparel sponsors for the Miss Hong Kong 2010 winners?

Jayne: Which actress do you think looked the best at Mr. Hong Kong 2010? Did Koni Lui’s dress deserve all the backlash?

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  • Readers' Comments (5)

    1. Aly says:

      Jayne-I love your new website! I’ve always been into fashion and style, too, so I look forward to your future articles. I think Koni’s dress is a bit too revealing, probably not from Hollywood standards, but we all know how the HK audience is like, so I knew when she walked out in that dress, it would stir some controversy. However, I do believe that if anyone were to wear it, it would be her because she has a great figure and height. I think she pulled it off quite well, and you could tell it was carefully designed to prevent any exposure!
      I agree with you on Tracy Yip and Vivien Yeo’s makeup. I thought they looked stunning that night. Their dresses were not the most memorable that night, but I did remember when I watched the contest that night, I was saying to myself, “wow, Vivien looks so pretty! Great makeup and smile.” She doesn’t seem to be getting promoted much, but I think she is very pretty and feminine.

    2. Jayne says:

      Aly, I’m glad you like the new JayneStyle site!

      In terms of skin exposure, Koni’s dress probably is not any more revealing than the bikinis Miss HK contestants show. The big reaction was towards how firm and lifted her boobs appeared in such a dress.

      After the Mr. HK show, Koni’s dress made her an overnight sensation and she got a film role and many endorsements. TVB actresses are showing a lot of cleavage these days and Koni was able to stand out with a carefully planned outfit.

      • penny brown says:

        ”Koni is not hot in the red dress, how could one put into words with whats between the deep V for VisABILITY, and is those the new dress cose in TVB?
        ”next years slogan may be expose, sell or quite!”
        ”overnight sensation? more like a nightclub feel, not for the faint hearted…Koni is’nt gettin’ the Antoni wong effect is she?”

    3. Funn Lim says:

      I thought these bunch had better fashion choices than the TVB ceremony etc. Sexy yes, but not lewd and definitely glamarous. The make up however looks minimal, so natural make up is still in?

      Not everyone can wear that Koni Lui dress. First she has breasts and looks like a grown woman. Second she isn’t too thin as in body. The dress, the make up, the face no fantastic but with a body like that, anything will look good. At least she isn’t some pre pubescent looking boy. For that I applaud her dress.

      The girl in white is Tracy Ip? I like that dress. She looks elegant. However some dresses hard to see as not full length pictures.

      By the way great new site!

    4. advo says:

      Two words: Prom dresses.

      Honestly, do they intentional go look for the cheapest, tackiest dresses they can find?

      I really like Koni, but her dress is vulgar. I just don’t need to see so much of her boobs. Granted, she carries it better than others because she has a sexy image and usually dresses sexily, but still. Even in Hollywood, she would have gotten a lot of attention. Just think of Jennifer Lopez’ green Versace dress.

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