Bosco Wong: Mini-Caped Wonder

By on August 29, 2010
Bosco Wong: Mini-Caped Wonder

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Since the June release of his new Bravo music album, Bosco Wong has taken on a thirst for scarves and shawls of all kinds. Do the wraps keep the East Asia Music star warm from the fierce air conditioning blasted at his press conferences?

Earlier, Bosco chose a peculiar way of tying his scarf like a mini-cape, while pairing the outfit with blue shorts.  At a June 20th conference, Bosco may have mixed up his seasons and thought it was winter. He appeared cold huddled underneath his toasty blue shawl.

Enthusiastic about his recent fashion creations, Bosco posted many of his photos on his blogs. Will Bosco’s polite fans please tell him that the outfits don’t work? Less is more. Many fans would prefer if he wore a simple, unbuttoned shirt showcasing his topless form, similar to his album promotional photos.


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