Denise Ho in Patchwork Blazer

By on February 26, 2011
Denise Ho in Patchwork Blazer

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Wow, a lot is going on in Denise Ho’s outfit! The colorful pockets resemble colorful envelopes taped on her patchwork blazer. Denise’s  jeans fit her nicely and showcase her shapely legs, but not a fan of the leather and denim combination.

What’s the best way to save this busy outfit? Probably rip off those colorful pockets on her blazer!


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  • Readers' Comments (10)

    1. pandamao says:

      i thought the blazer was fine but the jeggings annoyed me. i was slowly scrolling down and thought, hey nice outfit. as soon as the jeggings came, i felt like it was too much!

      love the blazer’s broad shoulders and her hairstyle matches perfectly.

    2. impmuse says:

      Denise has the charisma to pull off whatever she wears. She would’ve looked great with the jacket without the metallic pockets and plain lighter denim jeans and boots.

      This hairstyle really suits her and she looks happy.

    3. Aly says:

      I actually like the style and cut of the jacket, but yes, the patches are a little distracting. I think if we take out the patches on the chest and just leave the 2 as the pockets, and take out the leather patches on the jeggings, and just have it one color, either as denim or as leather, it would be a great outfit!

    4. pandamao says:

      I actually dislike Denise’s personal style majority of the time. She fluctuates a lot and never truly has a defining style, other than dress military like.

    5. OooH says:

      This outfit suits her a lot. I see her more as a masculine woman rather than a girly girl. That jacket is not bad but those pants needs to go and wash the floor. She needs a solid color one.

    6. Darren says:

      that leather looking jean and that boot make me think that she rides a bike to get around.

    7. blqckjack says:

      the jean just kill it …

    8. sky says:

      this girl got no taste in clothes or style. it looks like some1 just take leftover from the sweat factory and created at the last minute.

    9. williwonker says:

      cum on, theses old gossip, new stfuff please!!

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