Dicky Cheung, William So, & Edmund Leung: Fashion Disaster Trio

By on December 14, 2010
Dicky Cheung, William So, & Edmund Leung: Fashion Disaster Trio

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At first glance, you might think that Dicky Cheung, William So, and Edmund Leung were attending a Halloween party. The trio dressed disastrously for a Cosmopolitan fashion event in the oddly patterned and coordinated outfits.

William So could have saved his outfit by tossing his striped shirt for a plain black t-shirt and leaving those leopard shoes home. It takes courage and a big ego to wear Edmund Leung’s polka-dot outfit. Wouldn’t it be hard to avoid dirty stares after leaving home? Red sunglasses, knee high socks and red sneakers completed his “fun” look.

Dicky Cheung’s “bib” shirt made him look like a bald baby. Once the image of baby Stewie from Family Guy crept into my mind, I could not ignore the resemblance between Dicky and Stewie! They both have a  scheming look in their eyes.

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  • Readers' Comments (9)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Edmund.. what more can I say?

      Anyway is Dicky like permanently bald now?

    2. Aly says:

      Jayne, love your comparison of Dicky to Stewie, lol! Edmund’s outfit is the biggest disaster of the 3! What the heck was he thinking?

    3. larry says:

      This is 2010. Disco already died 20+ years ago.

    4. Jayne says:

      Funn, about 5 years ago, Dicky always wore a hat in public due to his receding hairline. Despite the continued hair loss, he probably got comfortable with showcasing his bald look. If he ever sports a head full of hair again, then that’s a wig.

    5. pandamao says:

      omg – i actually liked william’s outfit. i would so wear that. let’s not forget, asian men are more feminine than western men.

      totally hot to wear strip under his military jacket.

    6. Bellona says:

      Heee I tot it’s quirky fun! Edgy yeh but fun!

    7. j00ky says:

      Edmond has always had bad fashion… there was one episode of ‘Big Four’ that he had wore a large t-shirt over a suit with tie… lol

    8. Darren says:

      that dude in the middle can be forgiven because i seen that style a lot in Cali from asian men. So i’m not too shock about that. Dicky is rather awkward. He shouldn’t wear tennis shoes with that pants and if he tosses that vest away, he doesn’t look as bad. Edmund is just jaw dropping. No comment!

    9. FanWen says:

      Dicky’s look is a little weird. William actually looks nice with the outfit except for the jacket. Edmund is just yea, you get what I’ll say.

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