Joey Yung’s Shapeless Striped Sweater Dress

By on December 10, 2010
Joey Yung's Shapeless Striped Sweater Dress

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Where do I start with my complaints on this outfit?! Joey Yung looked scrawny in this white and brown sweater dress that made her figure look shapeless! With the dress reaching to the ankles, Joey looked like she was drowning in it. Adding to the injustice, Joey wore heavy platform clogs and black toe nail polish! The beret is okay, but the messy hair peeking out does not help! The boxy glasses make Joey look like a nerdy bookworm!

The sweater dress is the wrong length for Joey’s petite frame. Had it been at knee length, she could have worn it with a big brown belt, opaque white leggings and ankle boots. The glasses need to go too!

Jayne: Joey Yung looks great in her concert performance costumes, but sometimes her outfits at promotional events (presumably put together by herself) is often awkward!


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  • Readers' Comments (9)

    1. advo says:

      This outfit screams “fashion victim”!

    2. Tammy says:

      Uh oh.. A mental institution just let looooosseee of a frequent patient :/

    3. impmuse says:

      Hope this isn’t a famous designer item! No one should pay even 10 cents for it!

    4. ouch says:

      joey’s got a michael jackson nose…
      she doesn’t have any figure at all….that dress makes her even more shapeless…
      they spent a lot of mooney making her look like she is now…
      she needs to get rid of those shoes and hat, bring the hem to abvoe knee level if you keep those long sleeves…if not then get rid of the sleeves and have the hem knee length and add a belt to her waist.
      she should also sleek her hair back, theres too much going on like a modern day prison dress/outfit

    5. larry says:

      She got out of the prison and dress like that?

    6. Wendy says:

      This is such a bad dress!!

    7. j00ky says:

      wouldn’t mind a dress like this as a nightie :)

    8. Darren says:

      I look at the first pix and i loved it. Then i look over the second, yea that long ass overall needs to go!Better yet, cut it in half and it would look cute.

    9. loungegirl says:

      Cut off the dress in half! The only thing Joey Yung has going for her is her voice and legs!

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