Sammi Cheng in Hippo Dress and Myolie Wu in Yang Du Jumper

By on October 28, 2010
Sammi Cheng in Hippo Dress and Myolie Wu in Yang Du Jumper

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Yang Du, is an up-and-coming Chinese fashion designer known for her whimsical designs. Ms. Yang is gathering a celebrity following for her cheerful and vivid motifs that seemingly jump out from a children’s book.

Sammi Cheng wore this hippo dress which Ms. Yang created. The design inspiration was drawn from Ms. Yang’s travels in Ecuador , in which she saw animal printed socks with a hippo design on its toes. The tulip skirt of the dress bears the round cheeks of the hippo. Ms. Yang’s creativity must be applauded, but I think this dress is limited to the pre-teen crowd. Grown women should only wear cartoonish dresses during Halloween.

Myolie Wu’s jumper is also part of the same Ecuadorean collection Ms. Yang created. The blue circle on Myolie’s jumper is based on a blue bird Ms. Yang saw there. While Ms. Yang’s designs have cultural interest, this jumper is best kept in a glass display case in a museum and not be worn over a woman’s body. The jumper is shapeless on Myolie and looks like she threw a blanket over herself!

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