Vivian Chow and Leo Ku at ABC Store Opening

By on December 16, 2010
Vivian Chow and Leo Ku at ABC Store Opening

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Vivian Chow made a guest appearance at an opening event for Leo Ku’s ABC clothing store. Vivian and Leo even wore matching cape-like plaid shirts, presumably from Leo’s clothing store?

Burberry made plaid its signature, but overly two-tone plaid can look like the poor man’s shirt, as was the case with Vivian and Leo. It didn’t help that Vivian decided to pair the plaid shirt with black leggings and knee-high socks. Leo’s grungy pants, deer necklace, and boots were a total distraction as well.

Jayne: If Leo and Vivian are wearing clothes from his ABC clothing store, they’re giving the store bad press!

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  • Readers' Comments (9)

    1. impmuse says:

      Yes, very bad publicity for the store if they’re wearing the store’s clothing.

      Why do some HK artistes/stars think that being different = I can wear whatever I want and get away with it? I wonder if they look in the mirror and think twice, that maybe, just maybe, their whole ensemble may not make fashionable sense?

    2. Jayne says:

      impmuse, I do think that Hong Kong stars seem to have a different fashion sense sometimes. Some outfits are completely awkward, but the press doesn’t make an issue out of it either.

      I think I have seen Leo Ku wear a skirt and layered it with tights before. Men don’t look good in such layering effects! Perhaps he was again wearing clothes from his own store.

    3. pandamao says:

      i don’t think vivian wore knee-high socks, those were the design of the tights.

      totally disgusting. i bet u the store is super expensive too.

    4. Jayne says:

      Pandamao, you’re right that Vivian had horizontal stripes on her knees, which are part of tights’ design.

      Maybe Leo Ku is doing fashion for the masses and not necessarily expensive.

      I actually like Edison Chen’s CLOT hip-hop clothing line, at least he models his clothes well.

    5. Ann says:

      Plaid shirts, that really looked like construction workers.

    6. Darren says:

      i almost yak a little seeing how horrible those plaid shirts and those awful pants they have on, especially Leo. That dude can’t dress even if his life depends on it!

    7. TVBaddict says:

      i think only bosco (that i’ve seen) can pull off the baggy pants/ skirt fashion… and maybe raymond

    8. loungegirl says:

      @ TVBaddict – I agree only Bosco can pull off that baggy pants/skirt fashion – he would look cool. Raymond Lam? Not cool. (his look is NEVER cool to me).

      Vivian here should have worn mini shorts with this hideous plaid -that would give people something better to look at. Leo is just simply AWFUL with fashion! And he is opening a clothing/fashion store??!!

    9. loungegirl says:

      oh, yes, Edison Chen too can pull-off that baggy pants/ hip-hop look. But god – I hate that guy.

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